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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-05-11 21:16:41
Subject: List

People ask, "What types of things do you need?"  I am always so hesitant to say because I don't want anyone to feel an obligation.  We are thankful for what we have and make it just fine.  There are things that are hard to get here, things that are overly expensive here, things we just can't find, or things that are not within our budget but maybe we need or could use.  Following is a list of these types of things, from large to small. They are in no particular order.   Sometimes people are coming to visit and a few things can be tucked in, sometimes things are being compiled for a container and can be stored in our things at the church.  If you wish to do either of these things let us know by email and we can work out the logistics.  Thank you for asking about us! Paula Spiral notebooks  (we go through them like lightening) Pencil Sharpners Pencils/pens Erasers BACKPACKS (another thing that gets torn up easily here) BICYCLES (all sizes) Puzzles (from ages 4-adult) Deodorant  (men and women) Shampoo and Conditioner Lotion Plastic cups Plastic plates Books to read Music Movies (DVD or Video)  (we no longer have a movie rental place in our town)  English and Spanish Boys underwear and socks (sizes 4-adult) Boys clothing (sizes 4-adult) Boys shorts (sizes 4-adult) Boys shoes (sizes 11-adult 12) (especially sports type sandals and tenny shoes) Girls sandals,flip flops  (sizes 3 and 9) Markers Cross stitch fabric Fabric for sewing Pillows (always a shortage) Rugs !!!!!!!!  (large and small) Picture albums and frames Posters and things for the kids walls (soccer, airplanes, cars) Toy chests/storage Rubbermaid type containers for the kitchen Spanish books (to read and devotional) English books (christian, classics, etc.) Devotional books in English Stand alone shelving/metal or wood (always a storage issue here) Large dry erase board Clorox Wipes/Pledge wipes Spray Bottles Light Fixtures Ceiling fans Mosquito netting Hair Gel Bathroom storage units Fabric Softner CD players (not headsets) Bunkbeds Hanging shoe organizers/any type of hanging organizers Any type of storage units/rubbermaid/think about sorting things! Shower Curtains Curtain Rods (long/wood or metal) Electric Gridle Swingset Tableclothes Doormats Chocolate Chips Peanut Butter Craft supplies (drawing pads, stickers, cotton balls, stuffing, pom-poms, paint, glue,scissors,etc.) Little Tykes type toys for outdoors Ramen noodle soup/canned soups Lawn Mower Weed Eater Combs Garden Hoses/Soaker Hoses Seeds for vegetables and flowers Wheelbarrow Hoes, Shovels, Rakes Air Pumps with needles Small tractor Batteries, especially AA Flashlights Blinds for windows Mason Jars for canning  (this is a real need, we can make and sell preserves, just can't find the jars) Educational toys Bedside tables/dressers Deep Freeze Home Decor items we can use or pass on to the ladies who work for us

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