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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-05-16 14:51:23
Subject: Praise Reports!

Well I have waited a while  to share some things that have blessed us so abundantly.  In the meantime, I let the enemy eat my lunch a few days regarding some yucky situations.  So I feel so convicted to share what the Father is doing!  Warning, you know I tend to use too many words, so this could get long!   Last Wednesday at the bible study we go to I was just overwhelmed with the presence of God.  Our pastor has been out of town, so different people have been teaching.  Well, the teaching was done and the person teaching asked if anyone needed prayer.  A tiny Honduran man got up and said he was sick.  When he went up front, I just knew the Father had a word for him.  I started praying over him and God showed me a hole in his heart and that he was going to breathe life into it and heal him.  I was so afraid to share, this has not been a normal happening in the English church we attend.  I went ahead and spoke up thinking, oh well, God has a word for this man, he needs it!  Everyone got into the praying and you could sense the Holy Spirit settling in.  After the vision was shared, a man that knows the man asked, "Did you know he literally has a hole in his heart and is very ill?"  I had no idea, never met or heard of the man, even wondered why in the world he would come to an English church when he spoke none!  So Praise God!!!!  The evening went on and more visions were shared.  It was exhilerating.  Just when I had cried out to God about, "is this the place for us", meaning the bible study.  We serve a Mighty, Mighty God.  His love is so great, so deep, so wide, so amazing for his children.   Then the next day we received email from a friend that their church is committing to support us on a monthly basis.  In the same day we received a monetary gift from a ladies group.  Both are so needed.  We are so thankful to God for His provision.  That provision came just days after Mark said to me, "Paula, we are not getting what we need to make it, but God told me to give everything we have and I am willing to do it."   I am not trying to create doctrine here, but I know that God is relieved when we give it up!  Praise Him for His provision.   Well as if not blessed enough, in the next day the Father laid on more.  We received a call from a precious missionary young lady here, she said she had a couple that she thought might want to come stay with us and help for a week.  They have worked with YWAM before, and came off the field to take care of elderly parents.  They have a heart for orphans and are grandparents.  Anyway, she got them in contact with us, and they are such an answer to prayer.  They want to stay 2 weeks after reading the website and hearing the Father.  The lady has a masters in counseling, and has a tender heart towards those dealing with sexual abuse.   ARE YOU HEARING ME!!!!!  She has written a book sharing her story of the healing she received after being sexually abused and repressing the memory for years and years.  The man sounds like he is willing to tackle anything, works for Fed Ex.   We are thrilled to have them.  She has been emailing, and you can tell she is so sincere and because of past experience  really knows how to dig in and help.   What a huge answer to our cries!   He pulls us out of the muddy pit!   I was really crying out to God about some situations with the boys. Then we have Lauren Rutter coming, and that is a huge answer to prayer for my girls, and for the summer schedule.   OK, ready for another????? ?   We got a call from another missionary, asking Mark to pick up a young man that was coming to make a video for him.  Then he said that the person wanted to make a video for us!!!! Something else we have been praying for.  So on Saturday Mark picked him up, and he shot video on Sunday.  It wasn't easy, having the boys work with us on doing so many different things, and I lost my cool several times, but I know it is God's provision.  Please pray with us for this item.  Pray for God's perfect will, and His perfect peace.  We receive this as provision!   Well, I am sure there is more, I don't have my journal in front of me!  I just had to share God's provision and unceasing care for His children.  It has taken me a while because I was so blessed and felt so intimately about it.   Paula

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