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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-05-16 15:10:12
Subject: Prayer Need

I would like to ask you to join us in prayer over the sickness that children here in Honduras are suffering from right now.  Right now there is a large number of children in the mountain areas that we are in that are very sick with bronchitis, asthma, nose bleeds,and pneumonia.  So many on our mountain and where our boys go to school are sick.  I hear of it in our town also.   Timothy has wrestled with bronchitis since we have lived here and never had had it before.  The fever that comes with  it is very high.  There are antibiotics available her for this, but of course many can not afford the dr. or the medicines.   It is the dry season right now and it is so very dry and dusty.  It also, hard to believe, is the time when the people here burn all the fields.  Hard to believe that there are national burnings during dry, dry times, but this is the time.  So the smoke is hovering overhead all the time and causes everyone to hack and cough.   Daily the ladies that work with us come and tell us of more sick children.  Thankfully so many of you have blessed us with medications and so we are able to give.  Thank you for helping these children.  There are so many children here.  Unless you have been to other countries like these it is hard to imagine the number of children. Recently I brought out some medicine to use for Timothy (some that had been given).  I realized that it expired in 2002!  So many times the meds that are given out are out of date.   Timothy, Reynaldo, and Arnol have been hit by the dry season.   Also please pray for John, he is taking medication for a staph infection.  He is fine, but we do not want it to spread.     I know it seems out of this world to believe that we could see something, like the burnings of the fields that has happened here for so many years, change, but honestly I pray for this to stop.  It is not even good for the soil but the havoc it wreaks on the health here is terrible.  I pray for the health of the children.  They are precious and we want to see them protected. Paula

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