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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-05-19 10:43:16
Subject: Good Morning

I haven't shared about what is going on with Xiomara, the lady that has worked with us almost a year now.  She is pregnant if you remember.  About 2 weeks ago you could really tell that she was struggling.  She was working shorter hours, but she was in pain in her back and just not having the easy time she had with her prior pregnancy.  She is due in June.  She came and talked with us and felt it best to go ahead and take time off before the baby.  We are thankful that she can rest and stay off her feet.  It was one of those where we wanted to tell her we thought she needed to stop, but knew that she needed the work.   We stop and visit and she has come to visit.  In the meantime we have hired Bierta to work the days of the week. She has worked for us on Sundays and in the afternoons since the beginning of Xiomara's pregnancy.  She needed more work.  She is a single mother of 4, the wife of Xiomara's brother.  He left her when he stole land from his mother and has not been heard from in a year.  Now Ada, Xiomara's sister works on Saturday and in the mornings.  In the mornings she helps with Carlitos and in the garden.  If you have visited you may have met her.  She and Xiomara cook together for us when we have a crowd. She is also basically a single mother.  Her husband left her to go to the United States.  She has 4 children.   We love these ladies and believe they are part of the ministry that God has here.  He takes care of the widow and the fatherless.  We are grateful for the donations we receive that enable us to pay these ladies and share what we have.   Xiomara's next dr. appt. is this next week.  I will update as she finds out more.  She knows that she is to have someone come get us when she goes into labor! Blessings, Paula
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