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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-05-26 22:12:34
Subject: Safe Arrival

Mike Jones and his daughter Shelby Jones arrived safely yesterday in San Pedro Sula.  Mark, Faith, Hannah, and Timmy picked them up and they all arrived safely back at the farm last night.   Today was a tour and work day!  The men and boys are working hard to start construction on the new pig house.  With the new births we are in need of more housing, and this will enable us to be able to have more piglets.   Mike Jones raised the money to do this project.  So this week Mike, Mark, Rocque,and Jose will be working on this huge project.  Today  they worked to bust up the rocks (huge rocks) and dig out the area.  I know they will all sleep tonight!   Today the girls, younger boys and I played kickball, painted, worked on laundry and house duties.  The girls froze many of our moras so we can make shakes or preserves at another time.  The plants are still producing and we pick over 2 cups a day.  Hannah and Shelby made sugar cookies for everyone today.   Tonight everyone is watching Spy Kids 2.  Mike and Shelby are sharing their movie collection. Mark, Hannah, and Faith successfully placed all of the new kittens, except for the one Faith is keeping, in homes.  So we are back to the mama and just one kitten. Please pray with us that Mike and Shelby will be able to sleep well while here, not get any sickness, and enjoy themselves.   Blessings, Paula

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