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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-06-01 19:28:09
Subject: Update

Hello to all, Today is the last day of the school year for Eli, Reynaldo, and Arnol! I really think they will miss school, they love going. But I know they will enjoy being home also. Please pray with us in regards to some paperwork for Reynaldo. We, nor IHNFA, have a birth certificate for him. The school does not want to graduate him without this. I understand their dilemna, but also know the dilemna it causes for us. IHNFA gave us a letter to give them yesterday, hopefully this will help. We have gone round and round on this and are more than ready for resolution! We are so grateful to have Lauren Rutter coming this summer to help with the children. She will come June 18th, and will primarily be helping with the boys in the morning. She will do English with them, play time, arts, nature, etc. We are thankful for those who come to share in the lives of the children here. This week we have been blessed to have Mike Jones and his daughter Shelby visiting with us from the United States. Mike blessed the farm by raising the money to build the new and needed pig house. So he, Mark, and our worker Jose, have been working on that all week. They have dug and dug, busted rock, and poured cement. Shelby has been helping with the house chores, working with Carlitos's rehab, and helping around the farm. She also is helping our older boys with their English work in school. A blessing to have their company and help. Our garden is really starting to come to life with the help of our new helper, Ada. Ada has worked for us from time to time when we needed more help. She is now working half days in the garden and helping with Carlitos. We are so blessed. She has such a great personality, and wants to see the garden grow. She is Xiomara's sister. She lives on our mountain, and has 4 children. Her husband left their family to go the United States, and they do no hear from him. She is a dear lady who we are blessed to have with us. Her children are precious. This week a lady from the town came and asked us to take in her 13 year old son, and give him a job. She does not have work and said she had no way to provide for him. We offered him work every day, and his meals. Our hearts were broken. We want families to be able to stay together if there is a way, so we wanted to offer them work and see if that would help. So far this week he has not shown up and she has not returned. When we asked how she knew about us she said from the Mennonites, she had already tried to get them to take her son. We do not know all of the situation, and pray for the Father to show us how we can help. Please join with us in prayer for this family. These situations will never be easy for us. We want to help so much. I am thankful she came to us, and pray that if they really truly need the help they will come back. Our mora plants are really thriving. This is something like a blackberry, but with a different growing life. We are told they will produce for up to 20 years, year round~! Amazing. So far we pick about 4 pounds every other day. The plants are multiplying, so we are replanting the shoots. Hannah and I have been making preserves, and everyone loves them. We want to get the "official permission" from Honduran gov't to sell preserves, breads, and moras in the market. This will enable us to give another job, and help us to become more self funded. Please pray for us that we will be able to do this, will be able to find canning jars here, and that this will help. Xiomara's baby is due this week!  Pray for a safe delivery and for the baby to be healthy and strong.  Also pray as we all work to get their house finished before the baby comes.   Much blessings and love, Paula

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