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Entered By: Mike Jones
Entry Date: 2007-06-05 09:14:15
Subject: re: Stuck In San Pedro Sula

We did make it home after a long day of flying. We landed in Miami and getting through customs was not much of a problem. As soon as I landed I turned my phone on and had a voicemail update from the airlines. Our connecting flight had been cancelled. Then the fun began. We were rebooked through Orlando, scheduled to get back to DFW around 6:45 PM. OK not too bad. We made it to Orlando. Got on our plane to go to DFW on schedule. This was 3:55 Dallas time. As soon as we were ready to push away from the gate they told us we were going to sit on the plane for an hour on the ground because of weather in DFW. We took off an hour late and on our way to DFW more storms so they rerouted our plane over Houston and then over Austin to try and wait out the storms. We flew a holding pattern for about an extra 1.5 hours. Finally they said we needed fuel and traffic was still backed up in DFW so we landed in Austin to refuel. Never able to get off the plane. We took off again and got in line to land at DFW. Finally landed at DFW at 10:20 PM. We then had to sit for about 40 minutes to wait for our gate to open up. Finally at about 11:00 PM. We were able to get off the plane in DFW. To say the least it was a interesting trip. On the good side we got to see 2 movies and several TV shows. We have been praying for you and your van. I felt bad leaving you in that situation. Thanks for everything you did for us. You blessed Shelby and me soooo much. We are forever changed. Please tell the boys we miss them and can't wait to see them again.
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re: Stuck In San Pedro Sula  by Mark on Tuesday June 05, 2007

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