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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-06-10 23:13:43
Subject: Sunday June 10, 2007

Thank you all for your prayers and emails of concern regarding my staph infection.  I am on a different antibiotic, and will see the doctor again tomorrow.  I am getting better and suffering less every day.  I am very thankful.  I now have more understanding of the pain the Egyptians were in when they were plagued with boils!  Mark is starting the antibiotics also because has a couple of spots.  Thankfullly we know what this is!  Please cover our family here in your prayers.   Today we took a beautiful Sunday drive after church.  We drove to the mountain town of La Esperanza.  We had never been before and wanted to see the area.  La Esperanza is at a higher elevation than our town or mountain.  It is beautiful, green, lush, and has refreshingly cool air.   The surrounding areas are mostly farming.  Much of the produce of Honduras is grown here.  It is the first place we have driven here where I got chilly enough to roll up my window! Truly a stunning display of God's creation.   This coming week in Honduras is the Week of the Student.  The children will be out of school for the week.  The boys are looking forward to going to the waterfall and getting chores out of the way early.  Rolman is visiting his sisters in the capital city of Tegucigalpa.  Eli and Reynaldo will be attending practices for their graduation from Prepatoria this Friday.  Our children will continue home school this week so they can take off when visitors are here.   I would like to ask you to pray with us for some specific things for the children here that we have, and for the people of Honduras as a whole.  I have shared before how I see that so many here place no value on life, they feel that they themselves have no value or worth.  Many are lost in hopelessness and do not look to see how the Father has made a way for change.  Recently I asked the boys during our devotional time what their dreams were for the future, what did they want to grow up to do and become.  For the most part they could not share anything that was truly personal, but rather just that they wanted to go to the United States.  It broke my heart.   I hurts me to think that they believe that dreams, vision, and future only reside in the United States.  Maybe God will send some to the United States, but He has a future for them even if they never go to the U.S.  We want them to believe that they have purpose, that they have value, that they have belonging, that they have worth, that even the tiniest dream that God has put in their heart can be fulfilled, that they are worth the Father's love and destiny.  Mark and I and our family did not come here to teach others that the United States is better, that you should work to flee to there.  We came to share the love of the Father.  So aside from just normal family living (that we believe relays the truth of love, value, and worth), we want to bring in some local men and women to share with the boys about what God has called them to do in Honduras.  These may be business owners, teachers, pastors, etc.  We just want the boys to see that there are people here with a dream, with vision, doing what God has called them to do in the midst of poverty and oppression.  I could rattle on forever as to how you see the horrible effects of animism on this culture.  How the unspoken motto has become, "This is how it is now, this is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be".  Pray for wisdom for us in sharing life and truth not just with our children here, but with the people that work with us, people in our church, and in our neighborhood.   The other specific request (I know you may be thinking, wasn't the other long enough!) is for the youth here.  I see our oldest boys struggling to remain set apart from the world.  They are wrestling with the same things youth in the states wrestle with; negative and degrading music, immodest dressing (for me immodest is not strong enough of a word), wanting to fit in with the "in crowd", etc.  When we go into town I see so many youth just hanging around, roaming the streets, so much time to kill.  School is out so early here so they have so much free time.  Our boys thankfully have the farm to help them out.  I am praying for these youth.  I am praying for a way to minister to them.  I know it may not be for tomorrow, we have so much going on, but it is on my heart.   God is really stirring in our hearts about a recreational center.  Something that is sponsored by  local businesses, churches, mission organizations, etc.  A safe place where the kids could go and get help with homework, play fusball, basketball, do the computer, sit and visit, be a part of devotional studies, and even do community service projects together as a part of membership.  This is just something in the thinking and praying stages.   Just like our garden of produce everything here is growing.  It is the rainy season now and things are beautifully green.  Almost every evening we have a shower.  This past week there was even a hail storm (we missed it, we were in San Pedro).  The boys were thrilled to tell us about it, they tried to take pictures because they thought we might not believe them!  All of the rainy season bugs, frogs, and toads are in full force.  We have a lovely bug that leaves their wings all over the house.  Thousands of wings would come close to describing it.  I lately even had the lovely visit of a frog when I went to use the bathroom (yes, in the toilet).  I now turn on the light, and look into the toilet bowl before using at night!   The chickens have laid eggs that are almost ready to hatch, the pigs are mating, the goats are almost ready to give birth, and yes we now have a pregnant rabbit.  So much new life. Along with the farm growth we see growth in each child here.  As frustrated as I can get with each one, I am so thankful and so blessed by each one.  Eli and Arnol give their love to us so genuinely.  Reynaldo opens up just a little peep more and more.  Timothy takes delight in the beauty of the land and gets excited about buying others birthday presents.  All the boys are learning the hard lessons of sportsmanship, working diligently in school, and being part of a family.  John is getting so strong.  Faith is the faithful caretaker of all small animals.   Hannah woos us all with her baked goods.  She also continues in her dreams of art and dance.  Hannah also has a heart to go to Israel to work with girls there.  She reads online about different churches and organizations that work in Israel, talks of visiting and helping.  I can't believe my daughter is old enough to think of taking a trip that doesn't involve me (not for a while my precious Hannah).   Carlitos continues to grow up and out.  While toilet training is still a dream (mainly of Mark's) his vocabulary increases and his activity.   Thank you for loving these children with us.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for sowing.  I know these children will grow up to be mighty.   We praise our God who hears our every cry, who knows our every thought, and who put every true dream in our heart.  We pray for others to know Him and follow Him, to become passionatly in love with Him.

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