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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-06-15 22:50:46
Subject: Graduation Day

Today was Graduation Day for Eli and Reynaldo.  They graduated from Prepatoria, which is like Kindergarden.   Hannah, Gerardo, Arnol, and I attended the celebration.   Mark could not be there because he was picking up our van in Comayagua (having it checked out before a few trips next week).   We walked to the highway and rode the Destino Del Reino bus.  The bus picked up the children graduating and their families.  When we walked to the bus we were burning up.  It was a hot morning and early afternoon.   But when we got back on the bus we were freezing!  A rain storm came in and really cooled things down.  We had a very wet walk back to the house.   The ceremony was very nice.  The children performed a song, and were given their diplomas.  The children were interviewed beforehand and during the diploma reception time the interviews were shared with the audience.  Eli said he liked drawing most in school and wants to grow up to be an artist.  Reynaldo said he like policeman because they are good people.  Reynaldo shared that he loved Tia Paula because she gives him food.  This made our tender Hannah cry.   We were so proud of the boys.  To think that this time last year the teacher here on our mountain had given up on Eli and just turned him out in the schoolyard to play everyday.  I know that their current teacher has a hard time with them, but we are so thankful for the hearts of service and love at Destino Del Reino.  The smile on Eli and Reynaldo's faces when they received their diploma was priceless.  I was so concerned Reynaldo wouldn't smile.  He can be pretty stoic and usually looks angry when in a crowd.  But he was beaming.  It took Eli a little bit to get up to receive his diploma because they called out his full name!   He was looking around for Erlin!  He was so proud.   They each received an award for a characteristic that they demonstrated this year.  Reynaldo's was for tolerancia.  This is tolerance.  This is demonstrating patience with others.  Eli's was for valor, or in English bravery.   The celebration ended in Honduran tradition with pinatas, cake, and Coke for all while rain poured all around us.   We are grateful for the staff of Destino Del Reino and praise God for this provision.   Thank you to those who pray for our boys and their education.   Way to go Eli and Reynaldo!   Paula
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