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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-06-16 12:26:37
Subject: First English Class with others

This morning we had our first English class with Ada's children and of course our boys (younger ones and Timmy).  I think they really enjoyed it.  We sing a song, do some vocabulary, sing a song, do some commands with motions, abc's, numbers, sing a song, learn the vegetables and fruits, and then review.  Much fun.  Then we played a good American game of kickball.  I play a sport game with all the younger boys on Saturday mornings.  They love to play kickball, and I am not a soccer mom!  Fani and David enjoyed learning (Ada's children).   It is always good for Mark or I to play a sport with the kids, we get to see what to work on in sportsmanship and brotherly love!  I do like to win my family can atest.   Today is Sonia's birthday (Bierta's daughter, lady that works for us).  We are going to make her a strawberry birthday cake.  The people here love our cakes (cakemix-which is over a dollar here so not within reach of many).   This morning Mark and the girls are delivering slushee mix.  Yes, Mark still does slushees!  He has a few locations here, actually for every maching we brought.  We have not seen a huge reception yet, but this week he got some better locations.  They will even be using one machine in Tela, which is a beach town.  Another one was put in a little eatery that is covered and in the parking lot of a nice grocery store here, SuperMercado Food.  We are very grateful for this location.  We pray that these machines will make a profit and benefit the home and children here.  And it is another way to interact with the community and business owners here.   Next week is back to school for Gerardo, Fernando, Rolman, and David.  And we pick up Lauren Rutter on Monday in Tegucigalpa.  Mark just got our van back from being looked over yesterday.  He took Faith and Timothy on one of the buses that goes from here to Comayagua.   Have a great weekend, Paula

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