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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-19 20:44:10
Subject: Tuesday June 19, 2007

    Yesterday we picked up Miss Lauren from the airport in Tegucigalpa. She is here to help us with the little boys this summer as well as teach English to them and the children on the mountain. She has dug right in and began work this morning. The boys received her well and took right to her. We are thankful not only that she is helpful, but she is no pushover either. Reynaldo is talking more than ever since she started working with them. I'm quite sure she will be one tired young lady every night and when she returns.     Right now on the farm we have completed bricking up the new pig house. We need to put a roof on it as well as finishing up the "poo-poo" canal. We also need to extend the canal with cement to another part of the farm that is further from the animals. We eventually plan on putting some "free-range" chickens closer to the pigs and cows. They would reduce the fly population drastically. We did receive a blow regarding the roof on the pig house. Up to this point we've spent no more than $900 on the house. We figured on $1000-$1200 total for the house. A welder came and proposed an all metal roof as well as metal support beams. The cost would be $1200 for the roof alone.      We have some new baby chicks! They were born last weekend. In all we have 10 chicks with a couple more batches on the way. They are all so colorful, ranging from light yellow to dark black. Unfortunately we do not have a reliable camera so we cannot post photos, sorry. With all the other needs, a new digital camera is not a high priority. They are especially expensive in Honduras.      We have a new part time helper, Elgwin. He has helped here last year for a couple weeks. He normally asks if he can machete the weeds, which have become a problem since the rainy season started. I am hoping to have more of a permanent solution by acquiring a few beef cattle. Elgwin also mentioned cleaning the banana trees so I said sure. He did a great job. This morning he also milked the cow because Roque (our farmer) was in Comayagua taking his wife to the hospital.      Last week we began giving a different responsibility on a weekly basis. We call the role "El capitan de recojendo" (the clean up captain). The older boys will take turns in this role. The captain will be responsible for picking up trash, tools and other things that do not belong outside. Hondurans do not think much of tossing their trash and tools aside as they work without picking them up. Eventually you have something of an eyesore on your hands. We hope this will result in a tidier farm.      We will have more visitors this Friday from Houston. They have worked in missions for years. The husband is a mechanic so we might ask for some instruction on diesel engines (which are more common here than gas engines due to the lower cost of diesel). We also hope to rig up some contraptions that will help us reduce our electric bills, which have become burdensome. When we arrived, the electric was not metered. The orphanage paid about $7/month. They gave us meter this year, which brought our monthly bills to around $300...that's a lot of rice and beans. :-)

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