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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-27 10:31:03
Subject: Motorcycles and Staph

     We have another couple of guests as of this last Friday. It was a difficult trip. Continental seems to be luggage challenged for the past year. One of their four suitcases made it. The other three were not loaded. Anyway, after their luggage disappointment, we left the airport. While exiting, we drove across the road to turn left (waiting in the middle). While we were stopped waiting for oncoming traffic to pass, a motorcycle hit our driver side fender. Thankfully the driver was OK but he did fall and have some cuts on his ankle. We waited about four hours for the right set of police to show up and issue a summons for court the next week. We eventually returned home a bit on the tired side.      Yesterday we had our day in court. We arrived, the judge said I was at fault after he read our written statements. The only question was how much to pay. Being from the States, you have expectancy of $50K, $100K or more. Here, the man wanted his motorcycle repaired ($130) and something to cover his medical exams ($26). While I did not think the verdict was correct, I was relieved at the price.      Paula, Hannah, John and I are battling staph infections. I just have one that is on its last leg. Paula has about five more. Hannah might be getting over hers now that had a shot and another round of antibiotics. The Lord has been good here as he has now shown us twice that there is an epidemic of staph infections in American Hospitals. The infections cannot be treated with normal antibiotics. We believe that is where the infections came from as Paula was the first to have them (shortly after they returned from the States for Hannah's medical treatment). They were both in the hospital. When the enemy comes at us about endangering ourselves and children by living in a third world country, the Lord quickly expelled that thought with simple truth.      God is good, all the time.

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