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Entered By: Lauren
Entry Date: 2007-06-30 13:28:40
Subject: Waterfalls, Lightning Bugs, and Mullet Chickens

Last Saturday we went to the waterfall.  It was so much fun!  The long trek was beautiful, though sometimes it was hard to walk.  The rocky terrain challenged even the most sure footed so at times you could only focus on the ground right in front of you, instead of admiring the gorgeous scenery surrounding.  There was an area covered with fallen trees so we had to walk on them like balance beams and climb over them while trying not to fall or get the sap all over you.  I failed at both, and ended up with a scraped leg and sticky hands.  The next part of the journey was the most difficult, it was very steep so it was tricky to climb down... and back up on our way home.  I was able to handle most of it, and only slipped a few times, but there were a few parts where I needed help.  The waterfall itself was beautiful and the cold water refreshing after our hourish long hike.  I enjoyed jumping off high ledges, even if I was a little scared at first.  There were strange white bugs flying around, we called them angels, that looked like little pieces of cotten floating down from heaven.  The hike back up the mountain was challenging, especially for Faith, but we always made sure we had her with us.  It took some teamwork to get back up but once we were past the trees it was smooth sailing.  Once we got back we enjoyed showers and homemade pizza- Yum! On the way back I was thinking and it occured to me that our hike to the waterfall and back had many similarities to our walk with God.  You start off in life pretty easy going, but then things get harder.  You have to climb over large obstacles and sometimes you fall and get hurt.  Bad things can stick to you for awhile and cause you great strife.  You are walking through a beautiful thing, life, that is, but sometimes whatever you're going through is so rough you don't notice, you're only concentrating on what is right before you.  Then, things get so hard, you feel like you're just sliding endlessly, sometimes catching yourself and sometimes leaning on others when suddenly, you find salvation.  It is so beautiful.  You jump from whereever you are into the saving grace of God, and it is so refreshing, even if you were a little scared at first.  You are able to appreciate the beauty around you.  After resting for awhile you can climb out of the pit you're in and head for home.  It's not scary like it was going down because you know where you're going, and that you're safe.  Sometimes though, you still need the help of a friend, but some things you can climb over yourself.  You still might fall and get scraped up, but in the end, though you are bruised, scraped, and scarred, it is easier than before, and when you get home you can enjoy the treasures awaiting you. This past week has been a week of discovery for me.  I have taken eggs from chickens, which involves picking them up and reaching underneath with the fear of being pecked.  I love it, chickens are way cool.  New ones hatched yesterday and the older ones are growing feathers on their wings.  There are a couple little ones without feathers on their necks that we call mullet chickens.  We lost electricity yesterday morning so Faith and I got to wash clothes by hand, which I have never done before.  I have seen a clinic, hospital, a pharmacy, and doctor's office in town.  The clinic was frightening, not someplace I would want to go for medical care.  Sadly it is the only choice for many people here as it only costs 5 limps to see a doctor.  The conditions for the womens' section were awful; it was heartbreaking to see the conditions in which the women here are examined and must have their babies in.  The pharmacy was ridiculous by USA standards; medicines were everywhere and you did not need a prescription for anything.  They did not even carry antibacterial soap. I am still amazed by the beauty in this country.  Last night the full moon glowed softly through the clouds and the stars shone brightly.  The lightning bugs are in abundance, I like to watch their dances at night.  Now it is time to go dance on the porch with the boys, Faith, and Hannah! Laurena
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