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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-30 16:06:03
Subject: Paula In Hospital

     The infections Paula began having last month have been spreading around her body. We, as well as the doctors, believe that the staph infections we have originated from American hospitals and doctor's offices. Our regular physician here has tried several rounds of antibiotics before recommending that we go to the hospital today. An internal medicine doctor examined Paula and said she should be admitted. He said she would probably be in 3-4 days. We went to the same hospital where Paula was tested at Thursday (results are not yet ready). Hannah, John and I have the same kinds of infections but not as many or severe. Hopefully something can be found so that we won't all have to be admitted.      Thankfully we have plenty of helpers here right now. Lauren is good at leading our girls in household tasks as well as nurturing Carlitos and the little boys. Right now she is also helping Rolman and David with their science projects. John and Valerie Clayton are here helping with the boys in general as well as household care. They all have been a blessing. Valerie and John have been missionaries in the Ukraine and Hawaii. They also have a foster home. Valerie is very good with children.      We have new chickens! Seven more were born a couple days ago. We have doubled the number of chickens in our care since buying them three months ago. Relatively speaking, chickens are so easy to care for compared to other animals. Plus they provide for some tasty omelettes as well.
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