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Entered By: Melissa Jones
Entry Date: 2007-07-06 18:46:18
Subject: re: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety, Jig

Yeah!!!!!!!!  So glad to hear you're back.  Even though the Lord provided the help that was needed while you were gone, I know that you were missed greatly.  I will continue to pray for your health, healing and speedy recovery and that you will once again feel "normal" =-) You're in our prayers!  Also, the girls and I went and picked out a few little baby girl things at a thrift store (too fun!) so we need to figure out how to get them to you to pass on to the new baby girl you mentioned.  Just email me at my email address and let me know if you know how to get them down with the group coming from Restoration.  I think we've already used our allotted space w/Braden! Praying for you all- Melissa J.

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