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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-09 11:21:24
Subject: Back to our Routine\Looking Forward

This morning we are back to our routine of school with our children in the morning.  Lauren is working with the younger boys outside. They play, have some English lessons, do some chores on the farm, sing, dance, do art and nature.  We are very thankful to have help with them.  I truly don't know how we would finish up our school year if we didn't have help.  My kids are thrilled, we only have 11 more days to finish up our 180 day school year!  It will be nice to have the break.  We have a few groups/people coming to visit so the kids can enjoy.   Yesterday we celebrated Reynaldo's birthday.  Mark took the kids to Wendy's to eat and play.  I got the house ready for a party, and Bierta filled the water balloons!  Reynaldo was thrilled to play with balloons, get others wet, eat strawberry cake, and open presents.  He was also thrilled to play at Wendy's.  Reynaldo turned 9.  When we asked the boys a few weeks what were their dreams for the future, Reynaldo answered, "Go to Wendy's".  So it was his day.   On Saturday I attended a meeting at Fernando and Gerardo's school.  It is here on the mountain.  They have lost another teacher, so now there is only 2 teachers for 6 grades.  Can you even imagine?  They are having terrible discipline problems.  I sat there and prayed how can I help.  We want so much more for  the children here.  I came home and told Mark about it.  He said he felt he was supposed to go help.  So for an hour or so daily he will go and be the monitor outside.  He will use physical workout as discipline for those who get out of hand.  While the teacher teaches one grade she sends the other 3 grades she has out of the room to play outside, this is unsupervised.  Gerardo was thrilled.  Fernando, lets just say that he knows his days as King are numbered!   We are still praying for all of my sores to heal up and for no new ones to come.  My pain level and meds make me very tired.  Last night Timothy had a stomach bug.  He is resting today.   We are looking forward to having Restoration (our home church) come the end of July.  Also Valley Church which is pastored by a friend of ours, Cory Wise.  Both of these churches provide financial support, prayer support, and love to our family.   It will be such a blessing to work with them.   Thank you for your continued prayer! Paula

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