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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-09 11:40:05
Subject: Prayer for Davi

We knew something was stirring.  The Holy Spirit is so faithful to lead us.  Davi was sharing a lot of memories about his father, deep in contemplation, and seemed down.  He shared about sleeping out in fields and on the streets, and the fear this caused his father.  How different it must be to live with us here.  He shared about his sister being in another orphanage and wanting to visit her.  Mark had taken Davi to see his father in Comayagua, but he was not home when they went.  Davi showed Mark his home, a mud and rock house.  He also showed Mark the dumpster behind the produce/meat market where he would dig for food.   Davi has only lived here in the home just a month or so longer than us.  We were not sure why IHNFA had taken him from his home.  His mother left his family when he was very young.  He father kept a steady job.   Just a few days ago, the boys were all out working, and Faith and I  and the younger boys were folding laundry at the table.  A man started walking up the driveway. Faith said, "I think it is Davi's father."  I dismissed the notion, thinking the man was so small and elderly.  Well, it was Davi's father! He was so happy to see Davi, and Davi was thrilled.  His father sat and shared with me how he was so very poor, worked steady, and was all alone.  He wanted to die when Davi was taken away.  But he also thought that he could not take care of Davi.  With no mother and him working 6 full days a week as a laborer there was no one to watch over Davi.  He could not afford to send him to school, so Davi had much free time to wander and get in trouble.  Davi also worked hard starting at a young age.  His father shared how he did not know where Davi was taken, and how he could not get off work to find him.  Finally that day he had enough, and left his work to come in search of Davi.  He would like to work in Sigat. and live closer to Davi.   I feel confident that this man was telling the truth, you could see in his eyes, his deep pain.  He was also very happy for Davi though that he was able to go to collegio and hopes for a better future for his son.   Pray with us that good will come from this.  Davi loves, respects, and needs his father.  His father loves and needs Davi.  We want the best for both.   Thank you for praying, Paula

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