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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-20 11:26:18
Subject: Visitors

This week we were very happy to have Annie Duff and friends spend the day with us on Tuesday.  Annie is an adventurous young lady who spent some time with us last summer while living with a local pastor here.  She was a huge help with Spanish, translation, and the boys then.  It is so refreshing to see young people with such an adventurous and non timid spirit willing to enjoy and immerse in other cultures.  What a blessing they are.   We were also visited by Jim Faber with a couple of men and son from Hillside Church in Keller, Texas.  The young boy Josh joined right in on the farm, and the men rounded up the boys for baseball.  It is so wonderful when people come and play and join in with the kids.  It is a help to us and wonderful for the boys.   We are thankful for those that come and want to share life with our family.   Blessings, Paula

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