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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-26 17:27:15
Subject: Whew!

Our days are busy, just as yours are!   Today we had a family visiting from Longview, Texas.  They were precious.  The 4 teenage boys and father worked out in the trenches with our men doing concrete work.  Mom and daughter enjoyed visiting and playing with the children.  They all had lunch with us.  Once again the ladies that work with us prepared a delicious meal.  We enjoyed a friendly visit and meeting new people.  They blessed us with SOCCER BALLS!  Our boys favorite thing on earth....and we go through them fast with barbed wire fencing all around us.   Friday night Hannah and Lauren will be working with Gustavo Jr. (Pastor's son here) on a dance for church.  Gustavo Jr. will be playing the music and singing and they will be dancing.  Lauren  is a dancer and will be choreographing the dance.  Hannah is elated.   Saturday Rolman and Walter will be playing in a Futbalito Tournament (Soccer tournament on a concrete surface) with 6 area churches in our town.  They are pumped.  We will go to cheer them on!   Next Saturday we are so excited to go and watch music lessons at the church.  Hannah would like to take lessons and we want to learn more Spanish worship songs.  So we will see!   Today Mark and company are slaughtering a hog.  I think the guys are pretty excited.  I will stick close to the house.   Pastor Gustavo brought us 5 chickens for eating today.  Again I will be sticking close to the house when slaughtering time insues!  Lauren is excited with all the live biology!   Today was our first day out of school.  I am looking forward to doing some research for school and reading.   So summer moves on at full tilt.   Right now I am listening to a wonderful cd of many worship songs we sang in the states in Spanish.  It is wonderful to hear familiar melodies and actually understand the Spanish.  I can sing along!  Our God is full of Wonder and Amazement! Blessings, Paula
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re: Whew!  by Kathy on Saturday July 28, 2007
     Thanks!  by Paula on Saturday July 28, 2007

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