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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-28 01:13:26
Subject: Friday Night

Tonight I took Lauren, Hannah, and Walter to the church to work on a dance with Gustavo Jr (he plays the music, Hannah and Lauren dance).  I went up to Pastor Gustavo and Hermana Cory's house to visit with Hermana Cory (pastor's wife).  I was very nervous because I am so intimidated by my lack of perfect Spanish.  I love her very much and she is a very warm person, but still I was nervous!  We shared coffee and bread.  She and I shared our testimonies, shared about the boys, about things God has put in our hearts for Honduras, and we prayed together.  I truly couldn't believe it.  Sure, not every word she said did I catch, and I am sure I butchered the grammar horribly, but I think we both got the heart of what we were sharing.  It is amazing.  When we share from the heart our true light shines through and is understandable.  We truly do communicate spirit to spirit.  I really enjoyed our visit and look forward to more.   I want to share about the pastor's that I have met in Honduras.  Now this is of the ones that I know and see, so I am not making a broad generalization.  Of those we know, I have never seen a more pure pastor's heart.  They truly love and lay down their lives for their flocks.  They diligently visit, share, and pour themselves out to the people.  Pastor Gustavo and Hermana Cory have a heart and a vision to see the poor lifted from the ashes, to see people liberated in Christ, and to see children fed, taken care of, and serving Christ.  Everything they do works towards that vision.  They are whole heartedly devoted to obeying Christ's calling on their lives.   Of what I have seen they give all the glory to God and take nothing for themselves.  I really am not trying to make these pastors seem superhuman or better than others, they would be mortified.  I just am truly blessed to see God work in and through them.  It encourages me to press on.   Just the patience they have with our Spanish is commendable!   I am thankful that God called us to be here.  I am learning much.   Blessings, Paula
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