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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-08-08 15:35:24
Subject: Wednesday August 08, 2007

We want to thank Restoration and Valley Church for a great visit and lots of help. We always enjoy seeing and talking with family. The gifts they left behind will long be enjoyed (especially the years' supply of peanut butter). Sad news: Hannah's cat Ginger died while trying to birth a litter of kittens this morning. None of the kittens were born before she passed away. Hannah is sad. She has taken great care of her cats, including scooping up all their little accidents in the house. Hannah and Faith still have one of Ginger's kittens from her previous litter. Last night we celebrated David's birthday. We had his favorite meal (Paula's chili), strawberry cake and then opened presents. David received one of the Gamecube games (Paper Mario) we bought while in the States. Great thing about buying outdated game systems, you can buy the games for less than $10. He also received a new Bible, Bible Cover, some christian books in Spanish and the customary bag of pulperia goodies purchased by the little boys. After David finished his homework and played a little Mario, we went to a long anticipated movie 'Ratatouille'. The boys have been looking forward to this movie for about six months since seeing a preview on one of our DVD's. It was an experience just getting into the movie theater. We arrived in a little mall with the theater and proceeded to walk in what we thought was the lobby. The guard, with shotgun in hand, put his hand on the door. We needed to buy tickets at the concession stand. So, we asked for sixteen tickets. Slight problem. The concession sales lady only had eight tickets. We found out upon entering that there were probably 140 seats available out of the 150, but tickets were in short supply. So, we needed for someone to go and find more tickets. The guard eventually let most of our party in but Hannah stayed behind with me to wait for and pay for the tickets. We waited, we waited and then we waited some more. Finally a more managerial looking guy came with a new stack of tickets. We paid for the tickets. We walked to the door. The guard took the tickets. We entered and watched the show. If you live here very long at all, you'll recognize that Hondurans "love their paper". The movie was in Spanish so thankfully the humor was more of the slapstick variety. This is Lauren's last day and we will all really miss her. Tomorrow morning we leave around 6:30 AM to get to the airport. Bye-bye Lauren and MUCHAS GRACIAS!
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