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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-08-23 18:43:50
Subject: Hello, etc.!

WOW, I haven't journaled in a long time.  Just like your lives, much is going on.   We very much enjoyed having Lauren Rutter with us this summer.  She was a trooper.  Jumped in on everything and was an invaluable help.  Everyone misses her presence.  She shared much love and joy with each child and person.  She worked with the boys in English, helped with the chores, jumped all the way in on farm work and butchering, shared in dance, helped with homework, sewed curtains for Xiomara's new home, learned a lot of Spanish, and was a good friend.  Thank you Lauren!   We also enjoyed spending time with our home church Restoration and our dear friends Valley Church in Colorado this summer.   Both churches are an everyday part of what God is doing here.  We appreciate their support, love, and care.   Our oldest boys are having exams this week for the bimestre.  They are studying hard.  They have really kicked it up a notch with keeping up with their studies this bimestre.  I know they want to see that it pays off in their grades. We are all learning!   Mark and I are ever learning more and more about parenting.  With the wide range of ages and issues we are always calling upon the Father for direction and wisdom.  Everyday presents a challenge that causes us to lean on Him in all things.   Hannah is excited to be going to a music class this Saturday.  There is a man that teaches some of the young people at our church on Saturdays and Hannah would like to be a part of that.  We have a guitar and a keyboard, so you go Hannah.  Pray that this will be an opportunity for her to bond with others, make friends, and learn music.  It is a desire of her heart.   Please keep our Eli in your prayers.  Last night when we had bible/share time he started remembering things from his past.  He shared a little bit in bible time and was really upset.  I prayed with him for a healing of memories and forgiveness.  Eli just turned 8.  When I tucked him in for bedtime he was really distressed.  He just cried and poured out his heart about some really wounding things that happened to him before he came to live here.  I wish all of you could see the changes in Eli that we have seen.  In the beginning there were many things that would truly scare Eli into a state of paralysis.  He was terrified of being close to the road or in the town.  I know that Eli is feeling safe and taken care of, and is opening up to share his hurtful memories.  Please pray for him that his mind will be renewed and that the pains of the past will not dictate negative actions today.  I am so happy that he can let go of those hurts and feel safe enough to share them.  This is a breakthrough.  We are thankful.   Fani and Anita, the 2 little girl's of Ada who works for us have Dengue Fever.  They have been sick over a week now.  When they went to the clinic in town, they were told they did not have the medicine to treat them.  Right now I hear that Dengue is epidemic in the neighboring mountain village and that many in our village have it.  Dengue is a fever from fresh water mosquitos.  You run a high fever, have pain, stomach and congestion problems, and it last about 2 weeks or so.  Please pray that they will recover rapidly, and that others here will be protected.  I know in the larger towns they are spraying the mosquitos.  I have not seen that here in the mountains.  Please pray for our health! Right now as I type, the staph infection or MRSA I have been struggling with is much better.  I am still on a sulfur medication.  So all the new sores are healing and no new ones have occured this week.  Praise God! Right now I am painfree!!! Thank you for faithfully lifting me up in prayer on this matter.  Join with us in praying that it will not return!   This next week our smaller family will be attending a retreat in Tela, Honduras (about 4 hours from here).  This is on the coast, yes the beach!  Tommy and Janna Briggs, friends from the states, are hosting a retreat for the missionaries from Restoration and others serving in Comayagua and here in Siguat.  Tommy Briggs Jr. and Janna will be sharing along with Tommy's father, Tommy Briggs, Sr.  They will have special things for our children, times of ministry, worship, and free time to be together as a family.  We will be going on Wednesday and returning on Sunday.  We are taking an extra day to unwind.   Jose (who works with us) and his wife and 2 children will be coming to stay on the farm and manage things while we are gone.  Of course the ladies that work with us will be here also.  Please pray for all during this time.  We are so blessed to have this time, and it is desparately needed!  At the same time I can think of a million things that need to be handled here.  Pray for our peace of mind, for endurance for Jose and his family, and that our boys will handle things with respect and honor.   Blessings to you, Paula
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