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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-08-26 16:16:29
Subject: Sunday August 26, 2007

    Pastor Gustavo has been stranded for a couple weeks after his old truck finally died at a ripe old age. Services were held last week. The truck has seen a couple of world wars and looks all the worse for wear. Nevertheless, we could use a good "beater" to haul stuff around in and I am thinking of proposing a trade with Gustavo. We know a man selling an old taxi for about $1700 (a vehicle that cheap is really difficult to find here, no matter what the age of the car). We will talk about Tuesday when Gustavo and I go to look at some cows.     Entertainment in Honduras, is in itself, entertaining. Last night, Paula and I watched "Oceans 13", which I rented from a local store. It took all of four seconds to determine that the video was an excellent reproduction of a man in a theater with a video camera. The first 30 minutes of the video had us watching with slightly tilted necks and heads to match the level of the camera. Nevertheless, it was a movie Paula wanted to see. It is not uncommon (an understatement) to see movies released on DVD here the day after movies are released in theaters in America. There really is no source here to buy or rent unpirated videos. Try selling a video here for $20 or more when the guy on the next corner sells them for $2.60. I've even seen pirated videos sold in the police headquarters of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. It is quite upsetting as it seems more and more of America's industry exports consists of movies, music and prescription drugs. The first two can be pirated. The latter are made and sold as generics by companies in third world countries.     Although we don't have cable television, we know people that do. It has been an interesting mental exercise to reverse engineer how cable television company works here. It starts with a satellite dish. The dish is connected to several "boxes" or "unscramblers". Each unscrambler is only capable of one channel at a time. Every box is connected to one device that combines all of the individual channels into one signal that is output onto "cable" (as in the same kind of cable that connects your television to the cable company). The cable is run throughout various parts of the city and viola! you have a cable company. Why do I think this? Because from time to time while watching cable television, you'll see the same channel guide that you would if you were watching satellite television (take heed, Echostar). In fact, it is not uncommon to be watching a movie only to see the channel guide popup and someone at the cable company switch to a different channel as you watch.

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