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Entry Date: 2007-10-07 20:59:35
Subject: re: Update

    The goat is named Stripey because of the highlight (colored stripe) on it's back. Then I started looking around. Most of our goats have a stripe on their backs. That's the typical breed down here. This morning we got about 2-3 cups of milk from the mother. It was delish (and pretty darn healthy)! One of the businesses we hope to start down here is to get enough goats to sell milk. With about 30 nanny goats, we could employ someone full time and make a good little profit (as well as supply nutritious milk to the children on our mountain.     One sad note about the baby goat. It is a male (billy goat) and we already have a billy goat. We do not need two right now. In other words, his life span will be about three months. :-(

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