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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-10-30 16:56:26
Subject: Update

Hello!  Today is Carlitos' birthday.  He is the big 05 today!  He is receiving a tricycle, a ball, and a few little things the boys picked out for him.  Of course he will receive the customary Pulperia Trip grab bag!   Recent visitors (Daughters of Zion) also gave us a big Sponge Bob Pinata full of candy.  Everyday he comes into my room and says, "my birthday".  This morning he was singing, "Happy Birthday" in English and clapping.  Hannah and Faith are making a special  "Underwater Fish in the Sea Cake".  Please pray blessings over this precious child on his day.  Pray with us for his future.   He is precious in the Kingdom.  We all love him.  Every boy here has a special place for Carlitos in their hearts.   Tomorrow is John's 12 birthday! "Fall" is definitely here in Honduras.  It seems to rain almost everyday, and the nights are chilly.  Most days we are wearing long sleeves or a jacket right now.  Thank goodness we have clothes dryers!  It is wet!  You need your rubber boots to navigate the farm.   I am usually laughing at how the locals get so cold when it seems warm to me, but today I went and grabbed my sweatshirt during school.  It is nice to have a change in the season.   On the farm right now we have loads of oranges, mandarins, and lemons.  We are able to eat as much of this fruit as we can.   Everyone is getting their vitamin C intake.  Wonderful how they are ready just when we need to dose up on Vitamin C (the weather)!  We also are harvesting much yucca, lettuce, and cabbage.  Carrots, onions, green beans, squash, and red beans are being planted.    It is almost time to switch out the garden area.  The side we have been gardening will become the chicken yard and the part that was the chicken yard will become the garden.  Once this is done, the garden will be planted again with everything!  Hopefully this time we can get the point across of planting in two week increments so that we keep things going!  Always learning.   School is winding down for David, Gerardo, and Fernando.  They only have 1-2 weeks left.  Gerardo will be graduating sixth grade and heading off to colegio.  Great job Gerardo!   It has been a tough year for David and Fernando.  We will be looking into different options for David for the next school year here.  It may be a technogical collegio, or trying to get into a different academic collegio.  We will keep you posted on the changes.  The collegio he was at was not a good match and he will have to redo the year.  Fernando has really been struggling.  We found out that prior to coming here he had not been in school at all, and when he came he was put into 2nd. grade.  He has some problem areas that we hope to address during his vacation time.  We are hoping to be able to purchase the School of Tomorrow's PACE system for Fernando, David, and Gerardo, to try to catch them up to speed.  This curriculum is sold here in Teguc. (English and Spanish) and we will be going to meet with them to see about signing up as homeschoolers.  So we will start with Fernando redoing 4th grade in the PACES, they will be in Spanish.  We so much want to be able to pull him out of the local mountain school and use this curriculum to homeschool him, so this vacation will be a testing period.   Pray for us in this.  We are passionate about education, and it is so lacking here.  It breaks our hearts for the children here.  They are so capable of so much more, yet good education only seems for those who have much money here (private bilingual schools).  Our local mountain school does not have books, textbooks, or supplies, so many days of school are missed because there are no substitutes.  I truly could write a book about the sorrowful state of education here in our community.  We pray for doors to be opened up for us to do more in this arena.  Mark would also like to hire a teacher to come to our house to teach those that work for us.   Don't you want to come and be a teacher, or donate to supply one for the workers or boys  ??????   Hannah and Faith have been enjoying something new......other girls!  We have been so blessed to have been invited to participate with some other missionary homeschoolers in some co-op classes for the girls.   Faith and Hannah go on Monday for Health/Fitness with a group of about 5 other girls, with a missionary mom teaching.  On Thursday they have Health and Cooking.  They are so happy to be doing this.   A true answer to prayer!   We have also found a place for piano/keyboard/music lessons.  What a blessing.   Today Mark is over at the new Ferreteria (hardware store) receiving the order of stock for the store.  I think he and Jose are like kids waiting at the candy store.  As soon as it is received/sorted, then the store will open.  We are having signs made to put up on the highway, and we have flyers.  Jose and his family have moved into the house that is also being used as the store.  I think their only drawback is not having tv channels out here in the mountains!  They moved out here from town.  But I think they are happy to have more space and an opportunity like this.  We are so blessed to know them and have their help.  They are beautiful people.   Mark gave Jose and his family our dog Rambo, because Rambo was starting to eat our chickens.  Yes, we feed Rambo!  But after a few days of hunger strike at Jose's house, Rambo came back.  Down their mountain, across the highway, and up our mountain!  We are also getting 2 new puppies in the next 6 weeks.  Faith's cat, Miss Jingles, still plagues us all.  We think our rabbits will never be for eating, because Faith and Hannah have adopted them as pets.  Oh well, I wasn't thrilled about Rabbit Stew anyway!  I was going to find a way to go out on that night......   Reynaldo and Eli are really coming along in school.  They both still hit some rough patches, but we see great improvement.  We are so thankful for their new teachers this year (at Destino Del Reino).  They are really dedicated.  Arnol is trucking along also.  He has a teacher that really wants to progress rapidly academically and so it is a stretch for Arnol.  He works very hard at his homework daily.  They go to school from 7:30 - 2:30 and get home about 3:30.   The container we have been awaiting is still just that, being awaited.  There were some paperwork problems, and now the container has been opened at the port.  More paperwork problems.  It is $50 everyday that it sits at port.  Oh we pray that nothing gets taken and that it will be released soon. This is one of those things that if I think about, I get a knot in my stomach.  So another opportunity for me to put it all in God's hands.  I find myself praying, "Lord, I know it is material stuff, so I want to let it go, but Lord, I really want the kids to have their birthday presents and their old homemade stockings, but Lord if we lose it all I want to be a good example to my children, so help me not to lose it!"  Still human! John has just started Algebra 1/2 or Pre Algebra.  I guess I am bragging a bit, but he works so hard in his schoolwork.  Timothy is really starting to read, Hannah is doing Algebra, and Faith is moving rapidly in her math and writing.  I am thankful that Hannah, John, and Faith love to read.   Our  boys here are reading more and more.  They love to read Bible stories.   The girls and I seem to be cooking dinner most evenings now.  That is good, it feels more like my home when I am cooking.   The boys enjoy the different foods and we all are learning what some do and don't like (Fernando does not like meat, and Reynaldo does not like veggies).  The sweeper after dinner can usually let us know what each person did not like!  Eli and David continue to eat anything set before them, and all the Honduran boys agree that pineapple does not belong in Chinese food (sweet and sour chicken, that we love!).   We now have a lunch menu so the boys know what to expect and it is their favorite Honduran foods.  Dinner tends to be a mix of American and Honduran (Bierta cooks on Wednesday evenings).   We are a bleached house!  We have really kicked it up on the cleaning.  I had to step out of my comfort zone and be boss.  Not to say that anyone was not doing a good job, I just have let the cleaning be done the way the people doing it have done it (however the workers did it, I didn't say much), not how I would do it.    Now we have a list for each room, top to bottom, everyday, in Spanish.   Much bleach is used in our effort to kill the germs and keep us healthy.  Even with that, Mark and I both are developing a new staph infection.  UGGHH!  But I feel so much better about the house.  I think the ladies feel so much better knowing what I want.  They all 3 expressed their frustration with knowing that some things were not how I wanted them, but not knowing what I wanted.  I expressed my frustration at being the boss!  I really don't like telling people what to do, but usually have a strong opinion of how I want it done.   So growing for all!   I had a wonderful visit recently to Teguc.  I went with another missionary friend here and she showed me so much.  She graciously offered to take me, spend the night at a friends house there,give me the tour, showing me all the places to shop, where to buy American foods, and share all the neat history of the area.  It truly is an amazing city, offering much.   We visited "Valley of the Angels".  So I am ready!  If you are ready to visit, we can go to this amazing artisan town.  I can give a very insightful 2 day tour of the city and surrounding areas, even know of a house to stay in for $20 a night with your own bathroom and hot water!   The artisans there are amazing at artwork, leather, pottery, weaving, and much more.  I loved it.  We also visited a pewter factory that has beautiful, beautiful products.   So come on ladies!   I realize this is long, so I better let you get back to life! Blessings and love, Paula
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