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Entered By: Gerardo
Entry Date: 2007-10-30 17:22:21
Subject: From Gerardo

I have done well in school this year.  I am going to graduate from 6th grade.  I have a lot of tests this week.  I have to memorize the Hinno of Honduras, this is a song.  In just a little bit more I will be finished.   Right now in my work I am taking care of the fruits, goats, casita porch, and stumps.  It is fun to do this work.   In school our class is in 1st place for soccer (futball).   We played American Football when the last team was here.  That was fun.  We did very good.  I like to pass the ball.   I am also learning more flips.  I scare my Tia.   Gerardo
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re: From Gerardo  by Lauren Rutter on Saturday November 03, 2007

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