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Entered By: Barbc
Entry Date: 2007-10-30 20:13:16
Subject: re: Update

Hi PAULA AND FAMILY  Loved your made me sad because i miss you all so much..It sounds like things are going very well other then getting your shipment in.. we will continue to pray on that one.. Be sure to give Carlitos a big Happy Birthday cute he is so excited about it..and so sweet of the girls to make him a special cake.. what a special family you have.. will be praying on the home school teacher..  let me know what you think it would take monthly to pay her.. maybe we can start a monthly mission donation for such  a wonderful cause...of course sending over a teacher would be great but right now i do not know one but God might.:)  Did you make out the paperwork for Carlitos for the hospital?? Do i need to get an appliecation for International children or do we wait til you hear from them.. keep me posted and i will do whatever i need to do... So glad that cleanliness is better and you are feeling better about it..what about this new staph infection?? i will talk to one of our dr's who also works at the health dept to see if we can get any new insight for you...remember that one article we read and it said to use alcohol for cleaning the staph areas.. well my sweet friend love to you and all.. we meet this coming Sunday after church for prayer for alllll of you... love adn prayers, bc:)

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