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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-02 22:32:06
Subject: Little Update

Hello all, Today we went into Teguc. to renew some paperwork on our residency.  We have residency, but they have not yet gotten our renewal cards ready so we have to go and get a new something or other every 60 days until they are renewed for the year.  Thankfully it was an uneventful Immigration trip!   Mark also went to buy more goods for the hardware store while we were in the big city.  He went to the wholesaler, ordered the goods, and they told us to come back in 2 hours.  So we navigated the city, I was trying to show Mark some new places I had learned about in my recent trip with a friend.  It was a rough traffic time, so we wormed around a while and back to the store.  Mark went to pick up what he had ordered, only to hear the man say in Spanish, "Oh many screws you ordered, we can't have that ready!  When will you be back?" It was 60 little boxes of screws!  Oh well, life here in Honduras!  Now we get to learn the fun of being a business owner.  Mark has been on pins and needles all week waiting for the shipments of goods he has ordered in San Pedro for the store.  Some have arrived.  I think we are opening this next week.  I am sure Mark will have a funnier version to post when he gets over some of it!   Pray for our Faith Rose.  She has been off and on with a stomach yucky lately.  Tomorrow we are going to start her on a parasite med.  She seems to have the weakest stomach of us all.   When we asked John what he wanted to do for his birthday he said, go over to our friends house and watch American TV.  We have friends that have American satellite channels.  So we got everyone off to school and headed out on Wednesday (they live in our town on another mountain).  John and the kids watched a while, Mark and I visited with our friends.  Then Mark went to pick up pizza.  While he was gone, the satellite went out!  So, John is going to take a raincheck for TV to watch some college football the day after Thanksgiving.  GO UT!   We all enjoyed lunch together, and then our friends had made up a fun game for the kids to play for prizes.  John rode his bike a bit, and then we headed home for homemade lasagna and french bread (John's favorite meal), with white cake to follow.   The day before was Carlitos' birthday and he has enjoyed riding his new tricycle ever since (or scooting it about anyway!).  Now he has wheels, watch out everyone!   Mark and I are both on meds for the recent new staph sores (MRSA) we have.  For both of us, the sores are starting to go away.  Yeah God!  Not a fun infection to have.     The container is still a bee in our bonnets!  Maybe sometime late next week.  More paperwork has to be filled out and the office was too busy on Thursday to do that.  Please pray with us that nothing is stolen.  We had chosen to put all of our families' Christmas decorations from over the years, along with Christmas for everyone here on this container.  We hate to think that these things along with the many donations we received would fall into the wrong hands.   Tomorrow is my house cleaning day with the kiddos!  I should say that the ladies that work here do all of this everyday during the week.  But Saturday is my day.  It is nice to have the day to putter in our home and match up socks.   Tonight the boys are all curled up watching Veggie Tales.   Blessings, Paula
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