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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-03 21:53:08
Subject: Education

Education is something that is always on our hearts and minds.  We feel very strongly and passionately about children and adults receiving a rich, quality education that encourages them to continue to learn throughout their lifetime.   For our own four children, for each boy that lives here, and for those children we hope to help in the future, we want their education to lay the foundation for whatever field of work and service God calls them to.  We want them to be prepared.  This is one of the things that grieves our hearts the most here in Honduras.  Rural schools like the one on our mountain are just not providing an education of substance.  Those that attend spend 4-4 1/2 hours at the school.  One hour a day is for recreation, and 30 minutes of the day is for snack time.  There are no textbooks, no library, no supplies, not even a sanitary bathroom.  When a teacher is sick or has other things that they need to take care of, there is no substitute, there is no class.  Teachers take off usually one day a week.  There are 3 classrooms, with 2 grades in each room, with one teacher for the room.  Each classroom has on an average 50 children.  Children come to school who have never experienced order or discipline.  Chaos reigns.  Honestly to me it is a dangerous place in many ways.  We have  a precious lady at our school that is a teacher and the principal.  She wants more for the children and our community also.  She teaches adults in the evenings in the school, trying to get them through 6th grade.  So many on our mountain have never been to school.  There are many children  never attending class.  Parents need them to work, many can't afford the uniform or supplies, others have so many other problems going on that school is the last thing on the list.   We could share many stories about school that would leave your mouth agap.  I do not want to disparage the teachers, but the system here is terrible.  We have both volunteered at the school hoping to help in that way.  But time restraints and responisbilites on the farm make that very hard.  We are not able to devote a set amount of time everyday to the school.   As long as we have been here we have wanted more for the boys.  We have wrestled with just pulling them out of the school here and schooling them at home.  We homeschool our four in the morning.  We learned firsthand this past year that the school here the boys attend did not prepare the children for collegio.  It has seemed overwhelming to me, as much as I have wanted to see them school at home.  We have been blessed to have the 3 younger boys attend another Christian school.   As we saw David struggle so much this year, along with Fernando we really searched for the answer as to why.  We found that several years of their education had been missed.  They have been put in grades that they have not passed up to.  So not only is the school not very quality, but they were very far behind.  And for boys that had not been to school before coming here, studying was new territory.   I realize I am being very wordy!  I am sorry, I could talk forever about this subject.  I will try to edit!   This vacation (Honduran school is over in Nov.) we are going to start the boys on PACES in Spanish.  This is the School of Tomorrow, PACE system.   This curriculum is used in the States, Latin America, and across the globe.  It can be for homeschool, or classroom environment.  It is self paced with goals that the children work towards.  The books are basically self taught.  This is not my first choice of teaching, but in our situation I think it will work and be a wonderful improvement.  The PACES will be in Spanish.  We are going to purchase Math, and Espanol (grammar) to start with.  We are going to do the grade that they just finished.  Right now we are figuring the cost, time, etc.   Also, aside from starting this, we are looking to hire a teacher for the children and adults here.  We hope to be able to do this for the next school year.  We not only want to see the boys receive a better education, but we want to help those that work here that can not read, write, or do math.  We are looking into the cost of this also.   We believe that if we step forward on what God has put in our hearts to do, we will see the provision and things fall into place.  We know it will not be all easy, but so far nothing has been, and that hasn't stopped progress!   Paula

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