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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-07 14:38:36
Subject: COLD!

I am freezing!  I don't know the temp. but for here it is very cold.  With no heat it is very cold inside!  We are all in long sleeves, jackets (if we have one, Mark doesn't), soccer socks, shoes, and pants.   For us it feels like a tundra!  I know we are completely not used to cold weather.  I have everyone drinking hot tea all the time, keeping all the doors closed(usually always flying open), extra blankets on the beds, socks on the hands!  Probably a Northerner would think we were loco!  You never stop and thing just  how wonderful that central heat is!   But truly I ask you to pray for those without walls.  So many people in Honduras have homes made from sticks, cardboard, plastic tarp of any kind.  For here it really is an unusually cold spell.  Please pray for those who do not have a home, those that have no roofs to be kept safe.  Thank you, Bundled up in Honduras, Paula
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re: COLD!  by Lauren Rutter on Thursday November 08, 2007

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