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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-10 10:11:05
Subject: Carlitos

Yes, Carlitos is 5 and showing it.  It seems that the day after he turned five he put on a new attitude.  As normal, he will ask for water, but now when you go to give it to him he will refuse it and pout.  He will then walk away when we ignore his pout.  In a few minutes he will come back and request water again.  This time he will take it.  Now if you make the mistake of coaxing him through the first pout, you will get tears.  Toughie Tia doesn't fall for that one, but every other lady around gives in and pets him.   Finally he has navigated how to escape his little crib/pack and play thing.  We pray that today on the container is the wonderful bed given to him by the Claytons.  If not, we will rearrange beds again and put him on a bottom bunk.  Won't this be fun!   Every day with Carlitos holds something new.  We are so thankful he is growing and doing all of those mischevious little things that little boys should be doing.   Blessings, Paula
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