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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-11 16:23:28
Subject: re: Carlitos

Oh Barbara, We miss you too!  Thank you for caring for us so.   I still look at our little hand cleaning posters and beam!  We feel so much cleaner, thank you.   Gerardo got a staph infection sore on his lip.  Looked horrible, but is responding to meds quickly and clearing up.  So glad.  Mine new ones cleared up quickly with just the antibiotics this time, as well as Marks.  There was no sulfur meds at the pharmacy.  Also realized I had made a mistake last time I took the meds.  I had the prescription and was following its instructions, but it had been filled with a different strength, so I had only taken half of what I should have taken.  Anyway, we are all clear right now.   You will have to come again! How is your family?   Blessings and love, Paula
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re: Carlitos  by Barbc on Tuesday November 13, 2007

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