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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-13 00:05:56
Subject: Reply to Phyllis

Oh I hope it is the time Phyllis!  I haven't broke out the treats, but I am not opposed!  Today we just high fived and cheered him on.  We really wrestle with not knowing if he can potty train, just don't know what he is capable of.  But, we are going to try again.  Mainly for us, it is a time factor too.  When we are doing school in the morning it is hard to handle the whole accident, taking him every 30 minute thing.  But we have enlisted the help of his older brother who is on break from school right now.  Carlitos was very proud to get the attention today.  Hopefully he will be just as proud tomorrow.   As of now,  11pm, they are unloading the container in Comay.  Mark, Hannah, and John are they, they called me when they saw it coming down the street at the ministry school.  Just a little late, by about 7-9 hours!  Just glad the wait is over.  Now if things were taken it can finally be off of our mind!   Bless you Phyllis, Paula

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