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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-11-15 14:13:38
Subject: Hammers and Potty Training

Hello All,       The hardware store is still under construction however it is open for business. Walter and Jorge are still building cabinets with doors where we can display our goods on and keep stock behind (this is how items are displayed and stocked in Honduran hardware stores). We've found that thankfully, people are buying a lot of higher margin bicycle parts. Cement, metal roofing, re-bar are pretty much break even, low margin items. However, many people rely on bicycles to ride into town (about 6 miles) to their jobs. So, we are going to expand our inventory of bicycle parts. We are also repairing the boys bicycles with parts from the store. Yes, businessmen, we pay for the parts, at full retail I might add.      Carlitos is about ready to assume his real name of Carlos. He had his fifth birthday a couple weeks ago. You lose the "ito" ending on your name when you are no longer considered little. Also, he is really doing well learning how to use the toilet. I tried earlier this year to teach him while Paula was in the States. Back then he spent a lot of time on the toilet seat, only to hold it until he was removed from the seat. He also had no trouble wetting his high chair, the floor or walking around leaving another type of trail as one of our cows do (he has plenty of examples).      This time around, in just a few short days, Carlos seems to have learned to use the toilet very well. Many thanks to his older brother whom will reap the benefits of a lower weekly grocery bill (we spend about $12/week on diapers and wipes). Carlos even washes his hands afterwards without prompting, which is definitely not a habit a boy in here in the mountains normally has.      Jose came by today and told me about a farmer in his neighborhood that grows peas to feed to his livestock. The peas fatten up the pigs and cows while keeping them healthy. We are going to give that a whirl next time we plant. The pea plants supposedly enrich your soil as well, meaning we would not have to fertilize. So, we'll hopefully once again be in the organic meat business next year. Good day and God be with you!      Marcos
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