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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-18 21:47:24
Subject: Week Update

This week we did not have our car, it was in the shop, so aside from the container and school, not too much going on beyond normal home stuff.   We did start Math and Grammar with the boys now that they are out of school.  Mark is teaching Math and I am teaching English Grammar and vocabulary.  They were very eager to start.  Like all kids, they love the attention!  We are doing this right after lunch.   They also finished their diagnostic tests, so we know where to start on PACES when we can get those.   Many have asked what it will cost to get a teacher to come here.  It seems to be about $300.  Public school here pays around $300 a month, private pays $200-350.   With the weather change everyone has been fighting colds.  We are inhaling oranges and mandarins for Vitamin C.  They are fresh from the tree right now.  We are so thankful for all the decongestants and cough meds from the New Hampshire group!   We have had two days of sunshine, what a blessing!  It is still chilly, especially at night.  But it was so nice to see the sun. Hopefully we will have some more days of sunshine to dry up all of the mud.  Everyone goes nowhere without golashes.   This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving with other missionary friends in Comayagua.  I have not been able to find sweet potatoes,butternut squash, or cranberries so we will be missing some of our favorite Thanksgiving fare.  Grandma Judy, think you could sneak some of these on when you come, so I can grow them here????  We will be able to share wonderful fresh green beans from the garden.  We are blessed with a harvest of cabbage, lettuce, green beans, beans, carrots, and yucca right now.   We have so much to be thankful for this year.  We are so grateful to be all together and healthy.  We are so blessed to have clean, running water, always.  We have made new friends (across the states and here), live new adventures daily, and see His hand guiding us continually.  With full hearts we rejoice in seeing the boys grow, mature, learn, and love.  In this year they have truly come to trust us and become family.  Daily we see walls of hurt being torn down and hearts of joy expressing themselves in the children here.  We are blessed to experience the love and outpouring of the body of Christ in prayer, generosity, care, and compassion.  Our God has kept us this year and we praise His name.   We love to hear from you, Blessings and love, Paula

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