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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-12-06 21:09:52
Subject: Gainfully Employed

    The older boys started on their PACE's yesterday. You'd be surprised how much teacher interaction it takes for this self-paced curriculum. The boys start their school at 9 and want to work until 2. Mind you, this is their "summer vacation" as we might know it in the States. Their school year ended a few weeks ago; but they are eager to learn and get caught up on all the years they missed in school. David missed 3rd-5th grade. Fernando started in 3rd grade (no school before).      Needless to say we are a little occupied at the moment. We also teach our own children from 7:30AM - 1:30PM and beyond. Meanwhile, there is a farm and hardware store to run. There are also the little boys whom are usually at school but were off last week and will have a three week Christmas break (ha, I said "Christmas", not holiday). :-)  The girls also have some enrichment classes twice a week.      This week we took our good friend Porter Briggs to the airport and picked up some items we were lacking at the hardware store. We also picked up the school books for the older boys while there. They should be busy studying until late January with the books we bought.      We had a little surprise bubble up in our bathroom floor and shower. Bathrooms here have a drain besides the shower. The bathroom drains use the same line as the kitchen sink. Shortening, rice and beans accumulated from the kitchen sink and stopped up the drain line. We try to feed all the leftovers to the pigs and use the shortening to start fires, but some slipped away.      As you might have read, somebody shot our cow. She is still alive but cannot walk. She is my favorite calf (heifer), so I am hoping she "Baby" will recover. However she has been off her feet for a week so she will have hard time walking now that her muscles have stiffened up. She does scoot a few feet every day. Paula says she is being lazy, but I'd hate to think that about Baby. She does have a hand sized hole near her belly where the dogs took advantage of her immobile state. I wish I had my rifles from Texas so I could return the favor (to the dogs). Anyway, there's more than one way to skin a dog.
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