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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-12-08 13:55:05
Subject: Christmas Break

Hello Good Friends,      I was about to say "Holiday Break", but I'm afraid I might have offended somebody. :-)      This is the time of year families come together and celebrate Christmas. Christmas for Christians is first and foremost about Jesus. If this time of year finds you running ragged to get gifts or prepare for parties, please take a time out. Jesus said "my yoke is easy and my burden is light". If you find yourself exhausted by Christmas Day, maybe you've missed something. All too often gifts become the focus. There is no need to go into debt when Jesus came to pay our debts.      This time of year some missionaries make the trip home to be with family and friends. If you know of any making the trip, please give them a warm welcome. Do not think they have come to ask you for money! We came home last year for a variety of reasons but we were blessed to be able to stay through Christmas (and Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday). In that time we were able to visit some friends. I don't think we ever asked for money (forgive me if I did) nor was that even on my mind. We just wanted, no, NEEDED fellowship. It is especially rough for first year missionaries as they have not made roots in their new world yet and still think life is perfectly rosey back home. Please encourage and celebrate Christmas with them.      This is cliche, but true: "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Merry CHRISTmas,      Marcos PS: I actually was named after the town of San Marcos, so it is fitting that I go by the name of Marcos down here. My mother told me when I was about six years old that I was named after San Marcos because I was conceived there (sorry for spilling the beans, Mom). Anyway, I had no idea what "conceived" meant. We did go to the Catholic Church when I was young, so until I was a teenager I always figured "conceived" was something like "baptized".

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