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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-12-14 12:39:29
Subject: Still Alive!

Hello, I am still here, just not online!  School has really been time consuming lately, along with all of the special, fun, and joyful preparations for Christmas.  With schooling the 3 older boys and our children in the mornings, we will all be very happy to start Christmas Vacation on Monday.  Everyone has worked really hard this school semester and we are very proud of each one.   Hannah ploughs through Algebra and Julius Caesar, John tackles Pre Algebra with vigor, Faith hones her writing skills, Timothy reads more and more, and Gerardo, Fernando, and David show enthusiasm each day for PACES.   Mark has become a teacher along with being a farmer and hardware store owner!  God gives us his supernatural grace in all things that we seem to hear him say to do.  This afternoon I hope to take the time to update you on some excellent answer to prayers regarding more of the boys education.  We have been blessed by another ministry and school that we respect and admire.   I have had much fun decorating our home for Christmas.  Thank you to those who took the time to find my boxes of decorations and send them on the container.  We were able to put up our tree, and all loved the special evening of hot cocoa, candy canes, Christmas music and decorating.  It has been our family tradition, and is now the boys also. Porter Briggs even joined us for this fun.  He is a fan of colored lights though, and our tree is white lights.  We have all made new ornaments, and I continue to work on stockings.  The boys with Hannah and Faith made intricate snowflakes to decorate our windows, though they had no idea what they were for a while!  It has also been fun to see how people here decorate and celebrate.  Hondurans love Christmas lights and have the most beautiful beaded balls for trees you have ever seen.  The colors are rich and the handiwork is so artistic.  This weekend we will take the boys in town to see the lights that decorate our City Parque and Plaza.  One of the customs here for Christmas is selling much that you have to have the money to buy new things.  It is a cleaning out of sorts.  All the homes along the highway, be they mud, or cement, are selling clothing and misc. items.  It is also the custom to buy your new clothing at this time.  When we asked the boys the Honduran Christmas traditions, they were happy to share that it is staying up all night on the 24th to shoot firecrackers and fireworks.  Families will meet together late in the evening, eat, visit, and participate in maybe a Secret Santa gift giving if they have the means.  They will wear their new clothing.  Then on Christmas Day they will sleep!  The next day is back to work.   I need to check a PACE and put on Bach. More later! Merry Christmas, Paula
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