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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-01-19 20:44:30
Subject: Update!

Haven't taken the time to update you in a while.  So here is our latest... Mark's mom Judy was here to visit with us for 2 weeks in January.  We had a great time with her.  First a few days alone with her at the beach, and then back home to our real life!  She got to enjoy a day at the Immigration office, dealings with IHNFA, and a few hours of no electricity.  So glad she was able to come.   School.  Going full force, with our four and the oldest boys, David, Fernando, and Gerardo.  We have had the finances to keep them in PACES.  They also do art, and English/Spanish with my children.  Soon they will beging typing, and some other classes that are not just PACES.  So far they have been motivated to do their schoolwork and are doing great.  Reynaldo, Eli, and Arnol continue on at Destino Del Reino.   We are very blessed to be co-laboring with RUACH school in Comayagua (bi-lingual Christian school run by missionary friends from Restoration).  They are working to help cover us as a legal school, an extension of them.  This is a huge blessing in that it makes it possible for the boys to get all of the certification that is required here while schooling here at home.  Still praying for the finances for a teacher, and the teacher.  God has a plan! More new news is that Rolman came to visit, apologized to us for things in the past, and then later asked if he could come back.  We are still working through and praying about our decision.  This week we gave him diagnostic tests, considering schooling him here also.  We will see and let you know.   God blesses the work at the ferreteria (hardware store).  The income is keeping up with buying more stock and paying workers.  New signs were put on the highway a week or so ago, so we hope this advertising brings in more customers.   Mark has kept you up on IHNFA.  We hopefully have that behind us.  But the situation did cause us to realize the need for a lawyer that is up on the childcare laws here in Honduras.  So we will be working with a specialized lawyer in Tegucigalpa, and working to learn all the laws ourselves so we are not easy prey.  He is always teaching us and stretching us.  He is a Good Shepherd.   My girls continue on with enrichment classes with other missionary girls.  Now we have cooking class here in our home every other week with this group.  We had a good time making bread. We were very blessed to be able to hire a new worker.  It is a lady  that will come 3 days a week to be with Carlitos, and help with the little guy's homework, play, etc, and then on Saturdays to clean.  She will come on the 3 weekdays and do Carlitos' rehabilitation in the morning and then afternoon.  She will be able to watch after him, play with him and work with him on things like colors, counting, ABC's, etc, (all in Spanish, she only speaks Spanish).  When Reynaldo, Eli, and Arnol get home she will help make sure they get their homework done, and things set for the next day of school.  This is a HUGE help to us.  On Monday afternoons I am gone taking the girls to class, buying groceries and running errands.  So this puts another adult with the boys (Mark is here also, as well as a housecare worker).  Also when we have visitors extra help ensures that no one is left out!  Then with Saturday help for the house I am able to spend more time with the kids playing, doing art, etc.  I was really enjoying being in the house on Saturdays, doing the cleaning (everyone helped out!), but it also limited my time with the kids, and made it to where we could not leave.  So all in all this is wonderful.  Her name is Sonia.  Please add her to those you pray for in our family.  She is a christian, married, and has 5 children.  She has a sweet spirit, and doesn't seem to afraid of us yet!  Mark asked Jose if he knew anyone that needed work and could be trusted, and he quickly recommened Sonia.  He has known her several years from church.   The rainy season has ended and the sun is out!  I think we are finished with cold days.  The grass on the mountains is starting to dry out and die and people are starting to burn the land.  For the dry season we have much corn and sugar cane to feed the animals.  Mark is working on plans for a large outdoor area for the pigs with solar electric fence.  He also is working on plans for dry season work, turning the soon dried out pond into a tilapia farm, plans for a new home, and as always much more.   We are praying about purchasing a piece of highway frontage property to be able to later open a bakery and restaurant.  Part of our vision and heart is to be able to train people and the children here in the the areas they want to work in and then start businesses that eventually they can run and have part ownership in.   The hardware store was a start.   We hope to be sending a young man to a small agricultural school close by here while he is also working here implementing what he learns.  Xiomara would love to help us open a bakery/restaurant.  All in God's time.  Everyday He fulfills dreams and gives hope to those who have been hopeless.   I continue to dream about a rec. center.   God keeps putting things in my heart in mind.  I write it all down and know that one day it will be time.  I was talking about it and sharing how I saw an area for rollerblading, skateboarding, etc.  (cement).  One of our boys, Walter, shared that as a young boy he had a vision that he owned a place like this, though he has never seen one or been to one!  I see different rooms; a craft/art room, a science project/experiment room, a dress up room, a reading room, a prayer room, a music room, a media room, a game room, sport courts, and much more.  A safe place for kids to come and do productive things and hear of the love of the Father.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to come and visit and work in a place like this?   Pray for this!   We hear that we may have a return group coming in May.  Will be wonderful to see those that have visited before and keep up on the website and email.   This week we started a new discipleship, emotional healing teaching time with the boys.  Pray for them to continue to desire an intimate relationship with the Father and that the chains of the past will continue to fall.  We long to see hope instilled in their innermost being.   Well, I am sure I have shared quite a bit to process!   Thank you for your love, prayers, and care for us and Honduras, Blessings, Paula
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