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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-01-27 22:04:15
Subject: Medical Clinic

Today I had the opportunity to take Carlitos to a medical clinic that was being offered by a wonderful orthopedic surgeon and his team from the United States.  The organization on the ground here, Providence, run by missionary friends, searched for those across Honduras that are in need of orthopedic surgery.  They organized the clinic, and are carrying it out in their medical facilities, paid for by donors.   Today was the evaluation day, to see who could be helped with surgery this week.  Carlitos, I, and Fernando (Carlitos' older brother) showed up at 7 am prompt (silly us! will I ever learn?).  By 8am I had shed more tears than a person should give up in an hour.  Providence had bused in those who did not have transportation.  When it began unloading, and the precious children and elderly poured in with their families, I felt we should leave.  We have not near the physical problems with Carlitos that these people suffer from.  I have never seen such disformation (a word?), crippling, club feet, etc.  Some in walkers, some in wheelchairs, some crawling, others walking completely on the tops of their feet to within a few steps stumble to their knees and continue on by crawling.  My heart was broken.  I saw the tired parents and wondered how they continued on in such circumstances and dire poverty.   We had the honor of sitting and waiting with a dear family from our town with a most precious son of 14 who can not walk, talk, or hear.  He was a joy, a delight.  His face was aglow.  He quickly made friends with Carlitos and Fernando.  Carlitos shared his books and cars, and the young man poked and teased.  I visited with the mother and she had many questions about what I was doing here in Honduras.  She was very impressed with Fernando's manners and English.  Most Hondurans really want to learn English.  She showed affection towards Carlitos as a mother does.  Soon she introduced me to her husband who spoke English.  We had a good conversation about farming, etc. and I found he is an Agricultural Engineer.  We exchanged numbers because I shared with him that we are currently looking for a head farmer, someone with knowledge and experience that can help make the farm profitable and a viable business for the boys to continue.  The family are fellow Christians and asked many questions about what we believe, what Bible we use, etc.   As the morning went on, and we wandered a bit, the young boy was always following us with his eyes.  I had come back to sit down while Fernando walked Carlitos outside, and the boy motioned to ask if he could use my paper and pen.  He wanted to draw me a picture.  He drew a boy, happy, looking as though he were jumping.  Then he drew a boy, with feet curled up and legs deformed, as he was.  This boy had tears coming down his face.  He pointed to the crying boy, and then pointed to himself.  He pointed to the happy boy, and then pointed as if to say it was my boy, Fernando.  I prayed that God would touch him and heal him, and that the dr. would have such wisdom as to how to help him.  As the time went on and we were next to see the dr.  he was again beside me.  This time he was bowed in prayer, not for a show, but you could tell earnestly asking God to help him.  When he finished, he touched me, and let me know with signs that he prayed for Carlitos also.   Carlitos came through the evaluation with flying colors.  The dr. examined him and said he did believe he has cerebral palsy, based on hyper sensitive relfexes.  He also felt that what is being done for him, the stretches and rehab exercises are the best thing.  He did not feel there should be any surgery, that as he grows and stays active, he will continue to get better.  Yes, he may have a drag, etc, but he is completely functional he said.  I held back my tears.  He recommended a hip xray, and said he would look at that but did not feel it would need pins (we had been told he needed pins).  His cerebral palsy is limited to one side of his body completely. Praise God! When we left my new young friend was still in the exam room.  We waited a bit to see if we could catch him, but his visit was longer.  I have his number, so I will let you know what happens.   This day touched my heart.  I am so blessed to have 4 completely healthy children, and 9 vibrant healthy boys.  Today I saw so much pain, and thought so much about how they live their day to day lives.  I know there are many with disabilities here and in the U.S.  I know I can not fathom what others live through.  I was so thankful for this team of drs., moved by a huge God to come and help here.  The exhiliration of seeing the lame walk must be amazing.  As I looked at the children, I pictured them running, playing.  But you know what was most amazing?  As they were so crippled, they almost all still played, cut up, showed vibrant personalities, and if they was any way they could be mobile, they went after it!  I saw hope in so many eyes, I also so no hope in so many eyes.   I will keep up with my new friend, I want to know his family.  I want to know how we can love them.  I want the boys and my children to share in his life.  I want to see him walk.   Thank you for supporting missionaries, medical teams, missions programs, and being a part of mission groups across the globe.  God is moving across the land with His goodness and unending faithfulness.  He is mighty and full of compassion.   Blessings, Paula
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