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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-02-03 16:36:00
Subject: A few Updates

Hello, I visited with my friend today that was handling the medical team I shared with you about in an previous update (osteopathic surgeons).  The team was able to do 40 surgeries.  Isn't that amazing.  I wish I could see all the people that were helped.  This was one of those things that just really touched me.  I just stand amazed that God moved on peoples hearts from across the states to come together to help.  What joy to see Him move among us.   When people ask me about Carlitos and what the dr. said about him, I just tear up.  Another amazing thing!  You know the exercises we do? Well they aren't just something a dr. advised us to do.  A pastor's wife here talked with a friend in the states that works in physical therapy.  She recommended these exercises, and they have been just the thing he needed. Without ever seeing him, and with our 3 way horrible language hindered communication.  Our God is good.  He cares about His children.   Little guys are out of school this next week.  You can pray for us as we school our children and the older boys!  Never a dull moment.   Please pray also for Reynaldo, Eli, and Arnol in their education.  I am working with them now on reading.  They are still struggling.  Arnol has had 3 different teachers this year.  Eli and Reynaldo continue to adore their teachers and we are so thankful.   Please pray for Mark and I in regards to raising teen age boys!  Not too easy when you were not the ones in their formative years.  We are praying for a SOLID youth group and SOLID friends.  Please pray that we will find the place for them to form godly relationships and get sound teaching and inspiration.   This week we were so blessed to have a vet. from the states come and spend some time with Mark and the animals.  We have 2 pregnant cows!  We hoped for three, but because a younger cow is still nursing (one that should not be) the mother is not cycling.  So we are trying to keep them separated.  Not an easy job!  Fencing is always being mended, and cows are always jumping!   It seems a lot of time lately has been spent in rounding them back to where they should be.  Pigs are in good shape.  Mark also bought a few new goats.  The vet. shared a lot of valuable information that will be of benefit to the farm.  We are thankful.  Thank you Dr. Farst from Ohio!   Rolman is back to stay.  I think I had shared that he had come back to apologize for past things and had asked to come back.  Currently he is working on the farm and doing school with us.  We pray that he will continue to seek after God and those things that are good and right for him.   Walter will be starting back to school in a few weeks.  Please pray for him.  It has been a few years since he was in school, and he just has 1 year to finish high school.  He has much fear about entering into colegio (school) and keeping up with his studies.   Hannah is having fun with a home designer kit on the computer.  She is designing houses and learning much.  Faith spends a lot of time riding her bike.  She now wears a helmet, one too many crashes on the dirt roads.   The last time Restoration was here they brought some roller blades, helmets, and pads.  Well they are out of the bag and everyone is going crazy with them.  I had held them back thinking, where in the world would they use them. Well, kids are ingenious.  They now use them around the pig house where there is cement!  They also asked the neighboring retreat center if they could come there and use their cemented areas.  They agreed.  So the boys think it is fantastic as does Faith, Timmy, and Arnol.  So thanks for the rollerblades Restoration!  You know we want to have a recreation center with a skateboard/rollerblade area, so you have sown seed!   The new person we hired for Carlitos and for extra help has not been able to come to work for over a week.  Please pray that if she is the woman for the job she will be able to come.  We know of plenty of others that need work.  Also we are needing dependable, knowlegable farm workers.   Thank you for joining with us in prayer for so many things, Paula
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