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Entered By: shelby
Entry Date: 2008-02-04 12:00:51
Subject: re: A few Updates

hello one and all :D !!! how are you guys??!?!? i am missing you guys so much lately and i cant wait to come down and visit again so when is hanah going to china? that ought to be so much fun! well im glad everyone sounds good so rolman did come back huh? well thats good and the whole thing with carlitos is amazing! he is the sweetest little boy and he deserves it so the older boys are being homeschooled am i right? well dont put  too much stress on yourself casue we all no that is NEVER fun haha so i am going to be 16 in almost 4 months :D im so excited so next time i come down ill have to drive around down there haha no i will probably be too scared well cant wait to hear back form you love ya! shelby

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