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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-02-22 12:36:09
Subject: Mennonite Cheese

    This morning we are doing school as usual except that we injected a little PE at 10 AM to break up the academic monotony. PE started out with running the cows to a new pasture, followed by running around the soccer field a couple times. We finished up with horse relays, lunge walking and a duck walk. Watching 20 minutes of exercise is thoroughly exhausting.     After lunch I am hoping to buy a couple more gilts (young female hogs) to increase our pig production. If we can get nine good producing sows, we can earn $5000/year (or more if we sell the meat directly). I hope to get up to about 20 sows by end of the year, which could yield us about $1000/month, but we will need to increase our housing and stretch what we have.     Today Paula told me that the new cheese factory at the Mennonite orphanage has succeeded in getting the local supermarkets to sell their cheese. We love what the Mennonites are doing here. They are a light on a hill providing water, education, churches, training and orphanages throughout Honduras. Paula bought some Mennonite Cheese to try. The cheese must have labeled itself as Mennonite since Paula knew it was from there. That got me to thinking. Missionaries and local pastors often ask us what organization we are from. When we start to flounder on the question (we have no organizational support), they ask what church we are from. Again we seem to hesitate as our home church (Restoration Church in Euless, TX) is "non-denominational". Anyway, should we ever succeed in selling pork or beef at the supermarkets, I wonder how the label "non-denominational pork" would appeal to the consumer.
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