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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-03-09 23:09:34
Subject: A little news!

Hello!  We are thankful to be all well and good here! We were recently blessed to have our Missions Pastor, Jim Pack, visiting with us from the states and Janith from our home church, Restoration.  Janith stayed with us and kicked in on organizing and working with Carlitos.  She painted, hung, hammered, swept, raked, rigged, cooked, laughed, and loved.  We were so happy to be able to spend time with friends and laugh in fellowship.  I made my first drive myself (not alone though) to Tegucigalpa to take Janith to the airport.  Annette and Hannah were patient companions!   I have recently had another staph infection and am currently on meds for this.  This one was one of the more painful ones I have had, it was on my spine.  It is healing up, and thankfully I have no other ones.  Pray that the ill affects of the medicine will end soon.   School continues on.  We have been short on PACES for the boys due to an order not being filled and a container (for the PACE warehouse) not arriving on time.  So they have been doing a lot of English schoolwork!  Mark is teaching Saxon math to the guys and they also are doing English grammar.  Everyone is trucking along.   The older boys are very happy to be involved in a youth group with a young missionary couple.  They are loving it.  Right now they are working on ideas for street evangelism to take into the cities.  So, you can guess what our guys are doing- BREAKDANCE!  Finally, an outlet for their incredible gymnasitc abilities!  They really are flippers.  I hope we can find some type of Christian breakdance, or dance DVD they can learn from.   Over the Holy Week they will have a special retreat, a time of confession and renewal.  Pray for them as they attend.   I have prayed for 2 years for them to be able to be involved in a dynamic, young, engergetic youth group, one full of life.  It seems we have that now, and I am so grateful.  Thank you to Melissa and Carlos for letting the Father lead you.   Lately I have seen the boys make great strides in wanting to have an intimate relationship with God.  They have shared things and prayed with us and received healing for their hearts.  Please pray that the work of the Father will take deep root in them, that they will seek after Him, and be able to put all of their hope and trust in Him.   We are also excited to begin laying out plans for our next house here on the property.  Hannah and I have been in front of the computer looking at simple house plans.  We are in the process of laying it all out, figuring all the costs and materials needed.  We hope to have groups that come to help us this year work on the home.  Any builders,   carpenters, masonry experts, plumbers, or electricians looking for an adventure? Truly this is a dream come true and such a huge need.   Our girls will be so happy to have a room with a ceiling and a door!  Pray with us for provision.   Hannah will be making a trip to China this year!  Thank you to all who have joined with her in prayer and support.  She will be traveling with our home church, Restoration, for a trip to Bejing in August.  First they will be going to work with a missions group to train as to what and how they can help there.  Then all those who have trained will be split up into groups to disperse across a region.  Hannah is very excited, Mom is..........well, mom is being a mom!  She will fly into the states about 14 days prior to leaving for China on July 30th.  She has to get an expidited VISA.   This is certainly the longest amount of time Hannah has ever been away from us.  We are so thankful that her health is completely recovered and that she is strong.  Her mouthpiece that was installed in the States last year at this time is working wonderfully and she is breathing clear.   This week Faith had braces put on her front teeth.  This is to bring her front teeth in to where they need to be.  We think she is pretty proud of them.  She smiles like crazy.  Cute as a button in them.  She picked green.   Also this week Timothy decided he will be a rescue person when he grows up.  He has been considering police work because here in Honduras they carry some pretty big guns.  He ruled out army due to threats of war.  He would like to know if he can use missiles in his occupation, and which is stronger, atomic bombs or tanks.   A new baby goat was born this week, and new piglets are soon on the way.  The chickens are keeping up with our egg needs, and the new garden was planted this week.  We are picking mucho moras right now, and have been able to make preserves.  Thank you to Pat and others who sent canning jars!  Mark is reading everything he can about pigs.  He is rapidly becoming a true pig farmer.  This week he and Jose bought 2 new gilts (female that has not bore piglets yet).    The hardware store is trucking along also.  Lourdis, Jose's wife, and accountant of the store signed on full time.  They continue to increase stock and therefore see increased sales.  We had a really incredible thing happen in that arena.  Jose and Lourdis run the hardware store.  They are entitled to a percentage of the profits on top of their nominal salary.   They also live at the store (a house converted).  This past week Mark met with them about taking their share of the profits.  They had not done this to date.  When he told them he wanted them to go ahead and take this money, they said, "No, we want to put the money back into the store.  We want to see it grow and we want to see the store have inventory on hand so we never run out."    AMAZING!  It might not seem a big deal to some in the US, but here, thinking beyond today is completely against culture.  We are so blessed to have their family joining with us in work here.  And we pray that God's provision will astound them.  Jose and Lourdis have 2 beautiful daughters.  They want a good education and future for them.   Our community is out of water.  The neighborhood met recently to try to collect money to put up a water tower of sorts.  I do not know if progress has been made on this front.  We have a missionary friend here, Porter, who is working on talking with the Rotary Club here in Honduras (he is a member) about possibly helping our community to dig a well.  Mark wants to help financially with this also.  Please pray that all the red tape will be cut and that the community will join together to see this well come to life.   Sunday our church will be coming over to our house after services for a family day.  There will be BBQ and much food!   Monday Bierta will be coming back to work (she helps in the house).  She has been on maternity leave.  Please keep this situation in your prayers.  She is not married, and has 4 children.   We want to bathe her in love and truth.  Honestly if we had more help I would take her baby for her.  When I hold this precious little girl, I pray, God, be her love and provision, because she doesn't have it in an earthly mother or father.  Hannah and I just hold her and pray over her.  I hope that in some way we can show love.  Oh Father, I do pray for more help.   The week is never short on me misinterpreting things!  This week I was talking with Ada and Xiomara.  They were making reference to someone going to El Salvador.   Well, I thought they were talking about  " The El Salvador",  our salvation, Jesus Christ.   They both laugh and pat me on the back.   I know there are so many things we experience that never make it to the website.  So many funny things that happen and so many ways we see God's hand move.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support.  You are a part of what happens here.  You are a part of God restoring lives, giving opportunities, and serving the poor and oppressed.   You are a part of raising godly children that will grow up and serve and honor Him.  Thank you.   We love you, Paula

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