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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-03-14 18:50:31
Subject: Read My Lips, No New Taxes

Thanks to our good friend and tax preparer, Bob Ham, whom we've known as long as we've been married, we've achieved a favorable conclusion to the surprise audit of late last year. To back up a bit, last year we received an email from our friend Joe Baugh whom receives our postal mail and scans the important stuff for us. A letter from the IRS was important enough to scan and email to us. We were not aware of an audit until we received the letter. The news was that we owed almost $9000 based on our 2004 tax return (60% of the charges were penalties and interest). We called the IRS and asked what was up. They told us they audited us and we needed to pay within four weeks or more penalties would be charged. They told us they could work out a payment plan. When I spoke with Joe, he reminded me that Bob Ham prepares tax returns. Bob contacted the IRS and worked with me to get them the papers/proof they wanted. You see, we had a lot of itemized deductions and the IRS disallowed them. After giving the IRS the proof of deductions and roughly five months of waiting, today we received an email from Bob that the IRS was not only going to remove the charges but send us a $98 refund for 2004. I guess we overpaid. :-P To say "God is good" is about like saying the Pacific Ocean is a nice fishing hole.

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