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Entry Date: 2008-04-05 01:10:20
Subject: re: A bit personal

Oh my friend..remember our Jesus was a carpenter and had no education... and look what he did on earth for 33 years.. so not to worry you have so much love in your heart that is your calling and giving to the children.. a mother and especially you is very well educated... you teach homemake, first aid, you are a counselor, an encourager, you teach and demonstrate love, i could go on is nice and i truly believe in it but to make you a better person no... you could take some online courses and see what you think but no necessary until you know what you want to be when you grow up..  he he.. Seriously, no question is a stupid question.. we all grow and learn in our on way... some our more polished then others .. God has us just the way he wants us.. don't fall into Satan's are so much more then you are givbing yourself credit for.. rebuke Satan and open your arms up to Jesus and thank him for all the wisdom and knowledge and love he has given you.. you are such a gift to your family, the boys, the workers, your friends,, you are amazing and do not forget that.. i am so proud to be your friend and you have taught me so much i can not even tell you what it means to me.... off to bed but i will write more later. love toalll.. you are all so special to me... how is Xiomara doing with her English lessons??? Tell her to  ..Keep Majerado!! How is Carlitos??/ love smiles and prayers, bc:)

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