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Entered By: Judy Campbell
Entry Date: 2008-04-13 00:46:47
Subject: re: New Pigs and Other

Mark & John, my farmer boys, Your grandfather and yes great grandfather to John would have said if he was here today - "That's progress" I do remember my Dad saying that a lot in any of our travels. He did love us all, God Bless" him., he would travel two or more times a year from New England to Texas because of his love and always being proud of us.  I rememeber he prayed for all us to., along with Great Grandma. When he was your age, he was raising chickens and rabbits, I helped tend to them until I was twelve and Dad gave them up. He was an excellent gardner, he could raise anything he put in the soil, with progress. Great Grandma called today, first thing she says like a lot lately, how is Mark & Paula doing lately, any news? . We all love you and keep you in our prayers. Mom

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