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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-04-25 21:35:50
Subject: Taxi Pizza Getaway

     Today Hannah was blessed to go to camp with her church youth group. We were told to meet at the church by 4 PM. We arrived just a few minutes early (which normally translates to an hour early here). We waited in the car right next to the coffee beans, which occupied 80% of the parking lot. We talked awhile and noticed it was 4:30 but nobody had shown up. We kept asking Hannah if it was the right date or the right meeting place. She assured us it was. People began trickling in about 4:45 and we asked the missionary in charge what was up. He told us that the bus driver drives a taxi for a living. We were waiting for the bus driver to show up, which is another story...      Well, the bus driver had been driving his taxi that day and picked up a man a few hours earlier. He noticed several people in the rear view mirror running after him. He realized that his passenger was trying to flee from a crime. He dropped him off and turned around to see what the man had done. Turns out that the passenger had robbed a pizza parlor and was trying to getaway in the taxi. The driver did not want to be in trouble, so he went to the police station to tell his story (rather than being blamed for assisting in the getaway). This, of course, made him over an hour late for his bus driving duty.      Meanwhile back at the church, we were visiting with the other missionaries, admiring the view, the coconut trees and the coffee beans drying in the parking lot. I am often reminded that I really desire to build a web site with photos of the whole coffee process. First of all, the coffee is grown normally enough; fertilized with hen, cow, duck, pig or whatever poo is available. Then it is picked, put in old sacks and tossed over a donkey, ox cart or whatever is handy. Then it is brought to whatever flat, dry area is available for drying the beans. Drying is a long process of putting the beans out everyday on a cement slab, roadside, driveway, rooftop, parking lot or anything that seems to be relatively flat. The beans have to be recovered every night so that they do not become damp or stolen. This process takes many days. During any of those days it is likely that people, dogs, cows, chickens, birds and anything that draws breath will likely trample or otherwise soil the beans. When they are dry, it is time to roast. Until you roast, the beans really have no aroma. So, the next time you order that $5 Starbuck latte, remember how many creatures have seasoned it for you beforehand. :-)

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