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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-04-28 18:46:08
Subject: Monday April 28, 2008

Hello everyone!   Our little guys are having a blast!  We had a load (truckload) of sand delivered and they are going crazy digging in it, rolling it, looking for rocks, and shells.  The sand is to mix with the cement (I think) for the building of a butcher house here.   Everyone is involved in making adobe bricks to build the facility.  See the photo section.  It will take somewhere over 500 blocks.  The goal is to make 100 a day.   The adobe is really just dirt, water, a little sand, and pine needles.  High tech!  It is just like you imagine the Egytians doing it in ancient times.  But another missionary told us he built a butcher facility for someone and the adobe was a much better insulator.  Adobe is what most of the homes on our mountain are made of.  Certainly cost effective!   Yesterday when I was teaching the children's class in church I was so saddened.  I could tell that on several of the children's faces there was no spiritual connection, that what we were talking about (praying) was not in their world.   I desire for children to know the Father, experience His love, and believe in Him in a young age.  I believe it is my most important job as a parent, to raise my children in the Lord, and to encourage them in a genuine walk with Christ.  Certainly I fail at many fronts.  But I pray that parents across the globe will see the importance of talking with their children about Christ, and living that daily walk.  I know so much time can be spent on taking children to classes, sport events, entertainment, etc.  Even here in Honduras time can be munched up!  I hope we are not neglecting what will truly fill their heart.  We are all missionaries to our children!   Blessings, Paula

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