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Entered By: Hannah
Entry Date: 2008-04-28 20:10:45
Subject: Youth Retreat

Dear Family and Friends, Last Friday, the 25th, I went to my first Honduran youth camp.  The camp theme was "Transform-action - Romans 12:2".   Our itenerary said to be at the church waiting to board the church bus at 4 oclock.  I got there at 4pm, and we waited until 4:45 pm.  Finally I boarded the bus!  There were about 20 people there.  I had some American missionary friends there too.  On the bus I sat with Becky, a Honduran friend that speaks very good English.   Little did I know when we pulled out of the church lot, that we weren't heading straight out to camp.  First we had to stop at a dozen places to pick up people and snacks for a little store at camp.  An hour or so later we made it out of Siguatepeque.  It was 10:30pm when we got to "Camp of the Kings".  Everyone was very tired and hungry.  At 11 pm we were shown our rooms and made our beds.  I had a bunk on top.  At midnight we had our dinner and then we had a worship and devotional time.  It was then 1am and we went to bed.   The next morning we woke at 6 am to shower and get dressed.  Breakfast was at 7am.  It was a plato-typico consisiting of eggs, white Honduran cheese, platinos, beans, and corn tortillas.  The ladies who made the breakfast were two of the moms.  Thankfully we had coffee (cafe) to go along with!  After that I was awake.   We then had our devotions and we played a game with lots of running to get our blood pumping for our 2 hour hike up the moutain.  Along the way we were divided up into teams, I was on the orange team.   We named ourselves the "Nomads".  We played a math game and our team won.  It was a math problem that we had to solve, with no paper!  After that we had to make our team names out of pine cones and other things we found lying around the trail.  When we got back we had lunch.  Soon after lunch, we had 3 games to play.  First was Capture the Flag with water bombs and shaving cream.  Then we played Mafia, also with water bombs.  Last was an obstacle course of WETNESS.  After the fun, someone got her hands on the left over shaving cream and started a 2 hour riot.  I got so covered in shaving cream I had to take a shower.  We then had dinner and started out for the campfire to have worship and teaching.   In worship, we sang "Come, Just as You are to Worship" and some other songs.  That night teaching was about God excepting us and loving us for who we are.   When we got to bed after a few more games, it was again, 1 am. The next morning we were so tired that everyone had lots of coffee.  We had devotions and the teaching was very good.  It was about things working out for good to those that love God.  We then packed, ate lunch, cleaned the camp, and played a game.  It was about 4:30 pm before we loaded up and our driver came.  We got home about 7:30 pm.  It was my first Youth Camp, and my first Honduran Camp.  It was really fun and I made some new friends.  I loved it! Hannah
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